Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

guitars poem


Strumming my acoustic guitar along the sounds almost harp like draw me into the sound.

The tones remind me of the good things in life while caught up in the sound.

New notes or chords never done before.

Will these chords bring me out of the dream state I’m in?

Guitar sounds take your worries and blues away.

Guitar sounds help to make a statement, cause drive emotion and movement of  words when they stand still.

Electric guitar making thunder without the lightning.

Shaking the listeners, walls and the ground.

The chords pounding like a pile driver of melodic pleasure.

While I get caught up in the sustain don’t want to palm mute it but just play through it.

Like a heart beat I don’t want the guitar thunder to end.

Guitar ringing is just like it’s singing a forgotten song.

Undiscovered until now.

By NoS482 07/10/2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo coverage of Mayhem Fest, Tinley Park, Illinois July 30 2010

My family and I decided to go on vacation in place of going to a quiet town and relax. We decided to do something exciting and unique. So my son and I decided to do photo work at Mayhem Fest.

We covered 7 out of the 12 bands, and wished we could have caught all the bands. Even though I'm an old metal head growing up listening to metal greats of the 70's and 80's I decided to give the new groups a chance. My son knew just a few of the groups and loves metal music just as much if not more than I do.

Just entering the gates we could hear "winds of plague" playing they kept the crowd energized. The lead singer wanted everyone to yell, "ahroo, ahroo, ahroo". We yelled with the crowd and enjoying the show.

The next group was "soil", I enjoyed the metal they blasted out to everyone. My son yelling and laughing having just as good of time as me. They did a great job playing and was worth every minute listening to them.

"Shadows Fall" was the next group that we covered. I heard of their name before in other concerts they played in "Ozzfest" in 2007. The lead singers dread locks were down to his knees of longer.

My son thought that was cool to especially when he swirled his hair around. In the band the bass player was very impressive playing and he did a jump in the air still playing. We were lucky to catch the airtime picture of the bass player with both of us clicking away catching as much action on camera as possible.

The next group was "In This Moment", what was impressive was the lady lead singer belting out lyric like a true metal singer should. With raw energy teamed with the band to put on a great show. They were well worth listening to and would enjoy watching them again.

"Five Finger Death Punch", was the next group we watched. The first thing that you see is the drum set and the look to it was impressive. The lead singer belted out songs with awesome energy only matched with the awesome guitar playing of the others.

I would go and see them again and again they were well worth it to wait at the stage for them.

The next group I heard before, "Lamb of God" I knew what to expect with the metal thundering of the guitars that would just shake your body. This was matched by the singer belting out metal lyrics and were awesome. I and my son agrees we would enjoy seeing all the bands again and again.

Next was "Rob Zombie" the pyrotechnics was awesome and the stage props were awesome. You could feel the heat at the vip area where we took photos. Zombie was great as always putting on a horror show and a metal show mixed. I thought back when I saw him as "White Zombie" back in 1995 and he is still worth listening to and seeing live.

by Nosforotu Poet and Andrew S. which is my 19 year old metal head son. =)[ )) 08/10/2010