Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Support Our Troop Festival with New Age Premonition

New Age Premonition
Support Our Troops Festival
Baroda, Michigan

Last Saturday on August 29th New Age Premonition had the honor of playing a outdoor festival that supports a great cause.  Support Our Troops Festival in Baroda, Michigan. The stage announcer for the live music was Nick Cohn operations manager of WHFB AM 1060 and WIMS AM 1420 radio.  This was perfect for a sonic storm from New Age Premonition.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Nothing More, My Ticket Home, Palisades and Hell Or Highwater at The Intersection

Nothing More
My Ticket Home
                               Hell Or Highwater
                             Rock The Intersection

The Intersection in Grand Rapids last Saturday played host to Nothing More and bringing with them My Ticket Home, Palisades and Hell Or Highwater.  Saturday night was a perfect 83 plus degrees outside with a light breeze to make it enjoyable waiting in line.  The only storm was the sonic storm inside the venue with four bands.

The Intersection is our home away from home because of the friendly atmosphere that the people at the Intersection make happen. One good example is some parents brought their son who couldn't see over the rail at the front of the stage. So one of the security guards gave him a stool to sit on to see above the rail. 

I decided to write a small revue of Nothing More’s new album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves.”  I didn’t have the opportunity to buy the album but was following Nothing More on  I listened to the total album about four times while writing this article.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hellyeah, Avatar and Kyng at 20 Monroe Live

20 Monroe Live
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wednesday night 20 Monroe Live hosted the bands Hellyeah, Avatar and Kyng.  The weather couldn’t be more pleasant to wait in line to get in.  The temperature was about 89 degrees out.

It was a relaxed atmosphere waiting in line and checking through security to get in.  The first band in the show was Kyng which we covered in 2012 at the Orbit Room.  We both remember how great of a show they did and knew they would wake the crowd up and get them going.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Scum Scunge 2016

Scum Scunge 2016
album review

This is the second album by the band Scum Scunge 2016, the album cd is of high quality packaging and presentation.  The band’s sound quality was great in clarity very professionally done all the way around.  This album is appealing to hard rock and metalheads from all age groups.

This album itself is made up of a multiple collaboration of musicians giving the listener a sonic buffet to choose from.  If a metalhead wants great metal growls and metal chugging guitar you would pick a song with Johnny O in the song.  The songs titled “My Grain”, “Break Me Down”, “Rebel”, “Nothing”, “Twisted Glass”, “Let It Go” and “Hard To Breathe”.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Greta Van Fleet
20 Monroe Live
Grand Rapids, Michigan

20 Monroe Live hosted Shinedown, Wayland and Greta Van Fleet which was the venue's first sold out show on Saturday, February 4th.  20 Monroe Live is a brand new venue that just had their grand opening February 1st.  The rock fans endured the cold windchills waiting in line that ran from the 20 Monroe Live doors and spiraled around The Bob and down roughly 3 city blocks long.