Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Scum Scunge 2016

Scum Scunge 2016
album review

This is the second album by the band Scum Scunge 2016, the album cd is of high quality packaging and presentation.  The band’s sound quality was great in clarity very professionally done all the way around.  This album is appealing to hard rock and metalheads from all age groups.

This album itself is made up of a multiple collaboration of musicians giving the listener a sonic buffet to choose from.  If a metalhead wants great metal growls and metal chugging guitar you would pick a song with Johnny O in the song.  The songs titled “My Grain”, “Break Me Down”, “Rebel”, “Nothing”, “Twisted Glass”, “Let It Go” and “Hard To Breathe”.

The song titled “The Enemy”, with Varnam Ponville vocals has smooth metal voice similar to Dio.  This is a fast paced metal song that would be perfect for mosh to at a concert.

The song “Left Behind” George Call’s vocals takes you from smooth talking into Rob Halford metal vocal stylings that make it enticing to the metal ear.  With Stuart Taylor on guitar,Jonas Kjellgren on guitar and Christian Meyer on drums.  Great metal chugs through the song that is enticing to me being old school metal.

“Break Me Down”, Johnny O’s vocals growl and melt your face.

Scum Scunge 2016 album band and collaborators consist of Stuart Taylor on guitar, Christian ROCK Meyer on drums, Johnny Oravski on vocals, Jim Crye on guitar, Henry “Thunder Bass” Diaz on bass, Phillip Weber on vocals, Scott “the beast” Shelby on guitar, George Call on guitar, Jonas Kjellgren on guitar, Dorian Rainwater on guitar, Todd Evans on guitar, Randy “the Gribb” Cook on bass, Rown Houland on vocals, Chris Drapeau on guitar, Varnam Ponville on vocals, Justin Neil Manning on guitar and J. Costa on vocals.

CD playlist:

  1. My Grain:  
  2. The Enemy:  
  3. Left Behind:  
  4. Break Me Down:
  5. Rebel:
  6. Nothing:
  7. Twisted Glass:
  8. Easily Offended:  
  9. Let It Go:  
  10. Black Sun:
  11. Hard To Breathe:  
  12. Steamroller:
  13. Left Behind:
  14. Hard To Breathe:

All the songs had great metal vocals no matter which person was singing I enjoyed the vocals.  The guitar playing rhythm and lead on all the songs were appealing to my metal craving ears because I am an old school metal fan.  Another metal importance is a great bass that chugs or slams you in the face with metal thunder and they had it.  

The drums were great sounding for the album.  “The multi-collaboration deserves air time on public radio and liquid metal radio as well”.  The reason I say this is that this album deserves respect from metal fans around the world.  You can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into creating this album.

This metal album was enjoyable to rock out to weather I was cruising, working out or just listening to at home and hope to hear more albums in the future.  

By Dan Spratt 04/23/2017

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