Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mayhem Fest 2011

 Mayhem Fest 2011
Tinley Park, Illinois

This year my family still decided to ignore all the fun park and water park advertisements and go to Mayhem Fest.

Where my assistant 20 year old son and I bathed in the sonic chaos we call metal.
This year we decided to interview four groups band members.  The groups were Red Fang, Kingdom of Sorrow, Unearth and Straight Line Stitch.  The members that we had the chance to interview had many things in common and were laid back down to earth people to speak with.

We were caught up in interviews unfortunately and missed a few of the shows.  It was worth it to speak with the band members and noticed we had much in common with them musically.

The groups that we did photograph were as follows:
Red Fang: I realized with Red Fang they casually walked up on stage and started playing they brought the metal thunder.  My son and I both were blown away sonically by the quality of their metal.  Their music speaks for them and says, “Stand back and get blown away with the music.”

We both decided that their cd or mp3 purchases would focus on their album.  Three criteria we base how good the music is:
1.) Cruise ability = a definite yes, rolling the windows down in the car and cruising.
2.) Gym workout = Lifting weights and cardio workouts we require good metal to keep us going.  And sometimes get into the music and let out a metal roar or growl.  A yes for #2.
3.) Party Ability = A yes also, for being able to get a crowd charged with their music and have a good time vibe.

Kingdom of Sorrow:  This group was very impressive bringing the metal as well again I need to get the cd or download the album on my mp3.  Getting the crowd roaring when they played.  Playing thundering riffs and the singer surfed the crowd for a few minutes.
The three criteria again were the same:
1.) Cruise ability = Yes it be cruise able bringing metal chaos to the road.

2.)Gym work = Yes perfect for weight lifting getting energized and growl some at the gym but try not to get kicked out.

3.)Party ability = Yes, the crowd at the party may trash your yard and make a mosh pit.

Hatebreed, All Shall Perish, Suicide Silence: All these groups a Mayhem Fest brought a high quality metal show.  Sonically blowing the crowd away with their metal.  At times with all these groups I had to stop take in the music and then get back to photographing them.

My son and I both enjoyed it so much we couldn’t argue about who we liked most they all rocked.  Straight Line Stitch I want to photograph but only had time to interview I was blown away by their music videos that I liked  so much I had to share them with all my musician friends on face book..

Unearth we enjoyed their music video as well, I share their music video with my musician friend also.  They blew my son and I away with the  metal.

All the groups before the  main show were  very  high quality metal shows.  If they would I’d buy each ones cd’s or I’m  going to buy them for my mp3.

Machine Head: They put on an awesome music and light show to start out the main stage.   I never heard them before  and realized I should have been listening to them they were sonically bringing the thunder.

Megadeth:  I was waiting all day just to see Dave Mustane  play his double neck flying vee .  I could only dream of purchasing  an awesome metal axe such as what he was playing.  I wanted to get and 12/6 double neck guitar and didn’t know which one to get.

The dean double vee’s tone is excellent for what I want.  I wanted both for one of my songs I’m writing.  And Dave is so inspiring to pick one up and do my thing bringing the thunder like he does day in day out.

Megadeth’s lighting was so very colourful you get caught up in the stimuli overload of colors and sonic metal thunder, just have to stop again and absorb the stimuli.  Covering the shows meeting rock stars that were very nice to talk to with my metal son helping to report.  And I thank them for inspiring me  but more importantly inspiring my son to maybe start a band.

Godsmack : They put on a good show starting with special mention of supporting our troops I and really like their patriotism.  Bring the thunder of their music as well as the light show that will make your brain go into stimuli overload.  They moved around the stage so everyone had a chance to get good pictures to share with all the metal heads.

If I have a chance to cover Mayhem Fest again I will because of  the  good quality metal they bring to the show.
By Nosforotu Poet and Andrew Spratt reporters for concert photos magazine.