Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Nothing More, My Ticket Home, Palisades and Hell Or Highwater at The Intersection

Nothing More
My Ticket Home
                               Hell Or Highwater
                             Rock The Intersection

The Intersection in Grand Rapids last Saturday played host to Nothing More and bringing with them My Ticket Home, Palisades and Hell Or Highwater.  Saturday night was a perfect 83 plus degrees outside with a light breeze to make it enjoyable waiting in line.  The only storm was the sonic storm inside the venue with four bands.

The Intersection is our home away from home because of the friendly atmosphere that the people at the Intersection make happen. One good example is some parents brought their son who couldn't see over the rail at the front of the stage. So one of the security guards gave him a stool to sit on to see above the rail. 

I decided to write a small revue of Nothing More’s new album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves.”  I didn’t have the opportunity to buy the album but was following Nothing More on  I listened to the total album about four times while writing this article.

I always write that the hardest job of any concert is the opening band getting the crowd going.  The first band Hell Or Highwater gradually got the crowd revved up by the end of their set and were ready for the rest of the show.

Hell Or Highwater:  The band consists of Brandon Saller on vocals, Kyle Rosa on drums, Joey Bradford on guitar, Jon Hoover on guitar and Nick Maldonado on bass/synth.  The band was founded in January 1st. 2011 and their hometown is Vista.  Their new album out now is titled “Vista”.  

Listening to Hell Or Highwater songs that we like.
“Go Alone” featuring Matt Shadows, “I Want It All”, “Walk Out In The Rain” and “Don’t Hate Me”.  This band is great to hear live and would like to catch their show again.

Tour Dates:

Palisades:  The band consists of Louis Miceli on vocals, Matt Marshall on guitar, Xavier Adames on guitar, Brandon Elgar on bass/vocals and Aaron Rosa on drums.  The band was founded in 2010.  The band is on tour in support of their album that was released this year titled “Palisades”.

Palisades setlist:
Through Hell
Better Chemicals
Let Down

Our favorite songs they played were “Aggression”, “Let Down” and “Fall”.  This band sounds great live which is the true test of a band is the live performance.
Tour Dates:

My Ticket Home:  This band consists of Nick Giumenti on bass/vocals, Derek Blevins on guitar/vocals, Marshal Giumenti on drums/vocals and Matt Gallucci on guitar/vocals.  The band’s hometown is Columbus, Ohio.  The band will release a new album titled “Unreal” on October sixth of this year.  

Listening to the band’s music on our favorite songs are “We All Use”, “Hyperreal” and “Spit Not Chewed”.  This had some power on stage to get the crowd going crazy before Nothing More went on.  I would see this band again when they come around.

Tour Dates:

Nothing More:  Consists of Jonny Hawkins on vocals/drums, Daniel Oliver on bass/backup vocals, Mark Vollelunga on guitar/backup vocals and Ben Anderson on drums.  The band was founded in 2003 and their hometown is San Antonio, Texas.  The band is on tour supporting their new album release titled “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” on September 15th.

The band Nothing More is difficult at times to describe the energy that the band puts out into the crowd.  If you never experienced the Nothing More a show you are missing a great show. They have more energy than Godzilla and go ape shit wild on stage, sounding great live.

Other Nothing More shows we covered:

My metal assistant/son and I had the honor of covering and interviewing Nothing More while they toured in 2014.  Some of the greatest most down to earth musicians you ever want to meet.  This show was a day after Nothing More’s album release titled “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”.

Nothing More setlist:
Intro.Christ Copyright
Let’em Burn
Don’t Stop
Bass Solo
Ripping Me Apart
Go To War
Just Say When
I’ll Be Ok/Heartache
Don’t You Really Want It
Ocean Floor/Ballast

Nothing More album titled The Story We Tell Ourselves:
  1. Ambition / Destruction: Start of the album that throws you into the next song.
  2. Do You Really Want It:  Powerful song that would be a great song to listen to working out or at a party.
  3. Convict / Divide:  Short words of wisdom that leads you into the next song.
  4. Let’em Burn:  This song is a very visual song and would be great to turn up the volume and cruise  
  5. Ripping Me Apart:  Love the heavy guitar start up in the song and is a very visual song full of energy.
  6. Don’t Stop:  Perfect song to cruise to with the bass turned up to shake the windows.  This would be a great workout song to keep you going.
  7. Funny Little Creatures:  This song is a great  song to listen to running or a great party song to get the crowd jumping up and down.
  8. React / Respond:  Like the words of wisdom and the chug of the bass.
  9. The Great Divorce:  Love the drum start to the song and this is great to turn the volume up and just rock out at home or cruising in the care.  Great flow of vocals and guitar, bass and drums.
  10. Still In Love: Great vocals that is visual from the heart.
  11. Alone / Together:  Music that leads you into the next song and one of my favorite songs.
  12. Go To War:  Very visual song that gets you thinking about emotions between two people.
  13. Just Say When:  One of the most beautiful acoustic songs I’ve heard in years.  My wife overheard this song playing and was amazed at the vocals blending perfectly with the guitar.  Visual song that is a masterpiece that grabs your heart which is rare.  My wife was very impressed which is a compliment to the band.
  14. Accept / Disconnect:  Guitar playing that leads you into the next song.
  15. Who We Are:  This is a great party song or just to rock out to full of energy.  With a great message that is visual and a great song that I could see going up in the charts.
  16. Tunnels:  This would make a great cruising song to jam to.  
  17. End / Begin:  Music that leads you into the last song on the album with words of wisdom in it as well.
  18. Fade In / Fade Out:  This song connected to me on the most inner level or core.  This song and one other song in my entire life had me shed a tear or two or three every time I listen to it.  Me being a father of two children that are young adults that love playing music and now hits the heart or core most.  The other song is “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  This is a masterpiece that is right there with many other songs.  Examples would be Pop Evil’s “Torn To Pieces”, Metallica’s “One”, AC/DC’s “Back In Black”, Pantera’s “Cemetary Gates”.

Tour Dates:

By Dan, Andrew and Kayla Spratt 09/23/2017

Sources of information: Nothing More, Palisades, Hell Or Highwater and My Ticket Home.

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