Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Support Our Troop Festival with New Age Premonition

New Age Premonition
Support Our Troops Festival
Baroda, Michigan

Last Saturday on August 29th New Age Premonition had the honor of playing a outdoor festival that supports a great cause.  Support Our Troops Festival in Baroda, Michigan. The stage announcer for the live music was Nick Cohn operations manager of WHFB AM 1060 and WIMS AM 1420 radio.  This was perfect for a sonic storm from New Age Premonition.

You couldn’t ask for a better day for a concert it was a comfortable 75 degrees with a breeze and slight cloud overcast to keep it bright but not too bright that you overheat.  It was such an amazing feeling to find this hidden jewel of a festival and town.  Support Our Troops Festival the name says it all and the patriotism was everywhere which was a great feeling.

Besides the live music shows the festival also had a motorcycle and car show.  Also in the festival were food booths and military display tents filled with unique items from wars.  One booth I fell in love with the Indian motorcycles on display there.  My favorite would be the Indian Scout and then the Indian Chief with the sidecar.   

New Age Premonition invited my daughter and I to cover their show.  We couldn’t resist such an invite on a Saturday.  This band we’ve followed for a while because we enjoy the metal and hard rock sound they produce.  If you look at their influences you will have an idea of their sound.

New Age Premonition’s influences are Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Lamb Of God and Tenacious D.  The band made it on stage and rocked a few of the songs and rocked so hard they blew up two breakers on the generator.

After the breakers were replaced the band took back to the stage and replayed the song they were on at that time and on with the show.  The band sounded great outdoors with a great stage setup and sound system.

New Age Premonition:  The band consists of Parkour Charlie on vocals/guitar, Kyle McNees on bass/keyboard, Jose Alejandre on drums, John Kowerduck on guitar/vocals and Dakota Moore on backup vocals.

New Age Premonition setlist:
Savior Of The Lost
Went Into Exile
Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet Cover)
Second Death
Unholy Confessions (Avenged Sevenfold Cover)

The best way to judge for yourself is to listen to them live.  Listening to a band live is the true test of any band.  New Age Premonition sounded great live and will follow them as they work towards cutting their album.  The Support Our Troops Festival is a show not to miss and follow them on facebook and look forward to going in 2018.

By Kayla Spratt and Dan Spratt 08/04/2017

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