Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Motorhead cd review

 Motorhead’s: The World Is Yours

I am writing this cd review because of how much I like the cd.  I am a poet, music writer, painter, and blues/rock/metal guitarist so I look at the total package of the music I and my son listen to. Going into reviewing a cd I and my son decided to look at three things most rock n roll and metal heads alike want out of an album.

1. Cruise-ability:  Can you drive down the major cruise spots of your town with the music blasting with pride?  Can the music keep you going even if you play it for a long road trip?  Does your hand start to twitch wanting to turn up the music even louder than what you have it, knowing if you do you’ll lose your hearing??
This cd I would proudly rock out to as loud as I could without getting a noise violation citation like my son and I got for playing “One” by Metallica to loud and scaring the tourist where I live.  I found my hand want to turn up the volume with each song I listen to.
Forget coffee on long trips all that I’d need is this cd and a few other choice cd’s to keep me and everyone else energized the whole trip.

2. Mp3 gym workout:  Can you rock out to the music while doing exercise such as weightlifting free weights, running on the treadmill, weight machine work out, cycling, and running on the track?
This cd has a fast tempo throughout the songs, and the words both are perfectly blended to give you a charge of energy throughout the cd.  It would be perfect to workout to with your Mp3,4,5.

3.  Party ability:  Can you rock out to the music at a party with pride to keep the crowd moving and energized?
This cd would keep a crowd moving full of energy it would be perfect at a party.
Lemmy belts out the lyrics with the music into a perfect blend that will knock you back and give respect for him and his band’s metal ability.
                                            The Songs:

1. Born To Lose:  This song is one of my most favorite.  Because of the beginning chords were very powerful to blast you back from the speakers.  And I am addicted to sustain of a chord.  The longer it rings out and shakes the windows the more I like it.  Metal poetry in motion talking about the evil in a person.

2. I Know How To Die:  Powerful fast tempo metal riffs throughout the whole song.  This would be one where people start moshing in a mosh pit.
Fast tempo metal songs is what my song craves and this is it.  I also like this one because it keep you going.  Perfect if you go on a road trip.

3.  Get Back In Line:  This is one of them where Lemmy belts out the lyrics with the music into a perfect blend that will knock you back and give respect for him and his band’s metal ability.  Guitar solo really caught my ears and is one of my favorite solos on the cd.

4.  Rock N Roll:  The starting riffs of the rock n roll chords give you a pure rock n roll vibe to the total song.  Lemmy belts out a pure rock n roll lyrics that you’d  expect from the title.  Loved the total song for a rock n roll vibe I’d rate it a 9.5 to a 10, but I hate rating by numbers I’d rather be honest and tell why something is good.

5. Waiting For The Snake: The tempo of the starting riffs of this song gradually progress faster and faster.  I love the metal poetry of this song and talking about the world.

6.  Brotherhood Of Man:  This is one of the most gripping metal songs on this album for me because.  I wrote 2-3 beatnik style poems that relate to what he is says on this song.  Talking about the world and what the human race seems to be.  The starting riffs knock me back with surprise and metal enjoyment.

7.  The Devil’s In My Head:  This is the most poetically visual song on the album.  You can actually visualize what he singing about.  He paints a picture with his words of a metal masterpiece.

8.  Outlaw:  I enjoyed the starting drums blast out at you fast and hard mixing with guitar perfectly.  This is another song that is very visual as well.  Viewing the life of an outlaw and what happens.

9.  I Know What You Need:  Powerful metal poetry starts out slamming you in the face.  And what I enjoyed in this song is how the chords would climb into a solo.

10.  Bye Bye Bitch:  Pure rock n roll start up telling a story in the song of revenge, pay backs, and karma.  I love what Lemmy said about the blue eyes in the song changing color and how he describes the woman in this song.

Overall my son and I love this album and Motorhead deserves more recognition than what they get this album is a must buy for any metal head or even rock n roll fan.  Lemmy and his group are metal royalty in my point of view right along side Black Sabbath.  You’ll enjoy listening to this cd as much or more than my son and I did.

                                                       By nos482 “nosforotu poet” 02/11/11

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