Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Harborfest 2011 South Haven, Michigan

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Harborfest 2011

Three rock bands on Friday the 17th, the headline band Firehouse and two warm up bands. The 1st was South of Paradise which is a local rock band and the 2nd band was Outer Vibe an alternative rock band from the Grand Rapids area.

South of Paradise: The group brought a very good sounding rock show playing some cover songs. From many popular bands as ZZ top’s sharp dressed man, the beatles twist and shout, Eric Clapton’s coke -caine. And also played some of their own written music.
All the music was played superbly and got the audience singing along with them. I look forward to hearing them bring the rock again.
Outer Vibe: They brought a unique blend of music, I got a chance to get the set list.
Princess of sin.
The looks she’s given.
On the run.
Crossroads of desire.
What ever you like.
I got a feeling a Cover song.
We’ve created a monster.
Blitzkrieg Bop a cover song.
You reset my heart.
Rock a roll.
Girlfriend’s a witch.
Fight for your right a cover song.
Rock child.
I enjoyed for cover songs Blitzkrieg Bop because I am a Ramone’s fan and also for punk a Clash fan also. I am also a Beastie Boy’s fan also so Fight for your right, I enjoyed. And for their own written songs I enjoyed them and really liked Crossroads of desire and Girlfriend’s a witch. Then for the main event.
Firehouse: Okay to start out my son is 20 and Firehouse has been bringing the Rock for over 20 years. My son doesn’t usually like anything other than heavy metal and thrash metal and doesn’t usually say anything good about rock groups it’s rare very rare. But for Firehouse he loved all the music they played and had nothing bad to say. Me I feel the same way everyone in the group brought an awesome show getting the crowd singing with their songs. Their play list had all their popular songs throughout the years and sounded excellent live.
Hold Fire.
Shake and tumble.
All she wrote.
Ought to be a law.
Hold on.
When I look into your eyes.
Lovers lane.
Door to Door.
Drum solo this was awesome shaking the ground and the crowd.
Love of a lifetime.
Reach for the sky.
Don’t treat me bad.
Ok they even did a cover song “highway to hell” by AC/DC. They were selling a new cd called “Full Circle” I don’t usually by cd’s at concerts but I made an exception and also got the cd autographed by the group. If you have a chance to get this cd do so it’s worth the money you’ll enjoy all your favorite songs performed by Firehouse. My son and I both got to meet the group and we told them how much we’ve enjoyed their music throughout the years and to keep on rockin. I’d like to say a special thanks to Don Patterson, Kenny Goff of the harborfest 2011 and also Mark Peterson of sound EFX production services. My family enjoyed the show and can’t wait to report on more shows to come. By Dan Spratt a.k.a. face book name “nosforotu poet” and Andrew Spratt.

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