Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Halestorm with Torrid and Coldville hit The Orbit Room like a sonic storm

Hit The Orbit Room like a sonic storm

The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July second was packed with people a sold out show.  Fans of all three bands were lined up outside The Orbit Room as far back as your eyes could see. Halestorm as the headline and local bands Torrid and Coldville to open.  Everywhere that Halestorm goes draws in fans usually making a sold out show or close to it.

If you don’t know Halestorm and you claim to like rock and roll and or metal you are missing out on a sonic rock and roll treat.  Metalaxe Photo Gallery became a fan the first time we heard the band live at Rock The Rapids in Grand Rapids.  The quality of a can be measured by the amount of fans at times and how the band connects and sounds live.

This assignment was a unique experience for my assistant and I to cover.  The first reason is getting into a sold out show.  The second reason was that we were hired to video and photograph Torrid.  Torrid is a legend around West Michigan and was a rare sonic experience to see live.

Coldville consists of Luke Ponce on lead vocals, Matt Orcasitas on guitar, Matt Millering on drums, Aaron Lutz on lead guitar/vocals and Jimmy Blankenship on bass/vocals.  The band was formed in 2010 in West Michigan.  On tour in support of their album titled This Fight.

Coldville is one of the local rock bands that perform great rock and roll year in and year out working hard performing around the area and beyond.

Torrid consists of Luke Danelon, Smokedogg , Jay Jones, Kropestar and Chainsaw.  Torrid is from Grand Rapids, Michigan so they were at home for the show at The Orbit Room.  Torrid made the show a special evening playing the Star Spangled Banner which was perfect because of the national holiday.

They ended their show with my favorite Rage Machine Against The  song titled Killin’ In The Name Of.  Both my assistant and I couldn’t resist singing along while photographing and doing video.  They did a great job of performing Killin’ In The Name Of, from the vocals to the drums, bass and guitar solos.  

This will tell you the unique style of music that they perform smoothly delivering spit out rhymes mixed with a well blended drums, bass and guitar.

Torrid’s set list:

Livin’ Forever
Feel The Day
Easy Life
Star Spangled Banner
Killin’ In The Name Of

Halestorm consists of  Lzzy Hale on vocals/guitar, Arejay Hale on drums, Josh Storm on bass/vocals and Joe Storm on guitar/vocals.  Halestorm was founded in 1998.  On tour supporting their new album titled Into The Wild Life.

The first time we had the honor of covering Halestorm we automatically were hooked on their great hard rock/metal sound.  “Yes please melt our faces off,” I thought to myself as we photographed their show for the first time.  The second time seeing this band was just as good if not better, cover their show again at Rock The Rapids. 

The second time was located at the Fifth Third Ballpark, Comstock Park, Michigan.  Our third experience we did not have the chance to be in the photo pit but made the best of it with a point and click camera to make the article complete.  It was well worth going and seeing Halestorm again and will see them as many times as we can in the future.

Halestorm tour dates:

A special thank you to Luke Danelon of Torrid for giving us the opportunity to video and photograph Torrid.  And a chance to watch the full show to create a full review.

A special thank you to Lzzy Hale for inspiring my daughter to become a musician and pursue a music major at Lake Michigan College and then to a University.  A father’s thank you so much words can’t express it all!  

By Dan and Kayla Spratt 07-05-2015

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