Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grace Potter and Rayland Baxter rock the State Theatre

Grace Potter
Rayland Baxter
at the
State Theatre, Kalamazoo, Michigan

The State Theatre in Kalamazoo, Michigan was host to Grace Potter and Rayland Baxter this last Sunday night.  The State Theatre in Kalamazoo was a refreshing change of pace that this reporter is use to the auditorium style rock and metal shows.  The concert that evening was theatre style seating for everyone watching the show, I was usually use to standing and moshpits.

The State Theatre has it’s own unique flare to it on the inside.  The theatre consisted of a main seating area then a balcony overlooking the stage as well.  The theatres architecture of the inside was very eye catching and relaxing. This is a hidden gem worth visiting if you haven’t visited before.

Rayland Baxter:  Consists of Matt Musty on drums/vocals, Tyler Osmond on bass/vocals, Mr. Jimmy on keyboard/vocals, Jaan Cohan on guitar, Benny Yurco on guitar (last four songs) and Rayland Baxter lead vocals/guitar.

The style of music was rock mixed with country music flare.  This made it appealing to rock and roll fans and country music fans as well.  The down to earth lyrics mixed with the music made it very visual and enjoyable experience.

Rayland Baxter is on tour in support of his album titled “Imaginary Man”.  Hometown is Nashville, Tennessee.    Rayland Baxter began performing in 2010 and is still going strong.

Album songlist:

Mr. Rodriguez
Oh My Captain
Mother Mother
Yellow Eyes
Rugged Lovers
Young Man
All In My Head
Freakin Me Out
Memories Of Old Hickory
Your Love

Concert setlist:
Mr. Rodriguez
Mother Mother
Bad Things
Oh My Captain
Yellow Eyes
Love Sick
Young Man

Grace Potter:  The band consists of Grace Potter on vocals/guitar/piano/organ/keyboards/tambourine, Matt Burr on drums/percussions/backing vocals, Benny Yurco on guitar/bass/backing vocals, Scott Tournet on guitar/keyboard/bass/lap steel/harmonica/backing vocals and Michael Libramento on bass/keyboard/percussions/backing vocals.

Grace Potter dominated the stage and captivated the audience with pure rock and roll performance.  Playing piano, flying vee guitar and acoustic guitar Grace Potter plays on stage as well as great rock and roll vocals sonically grabs the crowds attention and keeps it for the total show.  Rock is alive and well thanks to Grace Potter.

Supporting her album titled “Midnight” that was released August 14, 2015.  Past albums.  In 2012 the album titled “The Lion The Beast The Beat” was released.  A well known album titled “Grace Potter And The Nocturnals” was released in 2010.  

Another album was released in 2007 titled “This Is Somewhere.”  In 2005 the first album was released titled, “Nothing But The Water”. Grace Potter was founded in 2003.  Hometown is Burlington, Vermont.

By Dan Spratt 10-29-2015

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