Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Make America Rock Again Tour

Make America Rock Again
Saliva,Trapt,Saving Abel,
Alien Ant Farm, Crazy Town, Tantric, 12 Stones
At Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan

On September 11th the Kalamazoo Wings Event Center was a host to seven well known bands all of the bands could be the headline.  The title of the bands on tour is Make America Rock Again starring Saliva, Trapt, Saving Abel, Alien Ant Farm, Crazy Town, Tantric and 12 Stones.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a concert at the Wings Event Center the last show I went to was White Zombie in 1995.  Thanks to and the band Trapt we won tickets.


The best thing about the Make America Rock tour was how patriotic the show was taking a moment of silence for the people that lost their lives from the tragic day that will always be remembered.  The other thing was the show honoring the troops that serve our country.  The show turned out to be a sonic buffet of rap, alternative, metal and rock which made for a total experience.

12 Stones was the first band to go on and get the crowd going.  The band had no problem connecting with the crowd and got them rocking out.

12 Stones:  Consists of Paul McCoy on vocals, Eric Weaver on lead guitar, Sean Dunaway on drums and David Troia on bass.  The band was formed in 2000 and their hometown is Mandeville, Louisiana.  Some of the songs we like from 12 Stones are “We Are One”, “Let’s Go” and “Lie To Me”.

12 Stones tour dates:

Tantric:  The band consists of Hugo Ferreira on vocals, Scott Wilson on bass/vocals, Tommy Gibbons on guitar and Mike Smith on drums.  My son and I favorite song by Tantric is very well known titled “Breakdown”.
Tantric setlist:
Down & Out
-drum solo-

Tantric tour dates:

Crazy Town:  Consists of Bret Mazur on vocals/rapping/bass/keyboard/piano/turntable/beatboxing, Seth Binzer on rapping/lead vocals, Nick Diiorio, Kevin Kapler, Elias Tannous and Rick Dixon.  Crazy Town hometown is Los Angeles, California.  Our favorite song by Crazy Town is the well known song titled “Butterfly”.

Crazy Town setlist:
Bettle Cry
Come Inside
Born To Raise Hell

Crazy Town tour dates:

Alien Ant Farm:  Consists of Dryden Mitchell on vocals, Mike Cosgrove on drums, Terry Corso on guitar and Timmy Pee on bass.  The band was founded in 1995 from Riverside, California.  Our favorite song by the band is well know it titled “Smooth Criminal”.

Alien Ant Farm setlist:
Forgive & Forget
These Days
Sticks And Stones
Smooth Criminal

Alien Ant Farm tour dates:

Saving Abel:  Consists of Scott Austin on lead vocals, Jason Null on lead guitar/backing vocals, Scott Bartlett on rhythm/backing vocals, Eric Taylor on bass/backing vocals and Steven Pulley on drums .  The band formed in 2004 from Corinth, Mississippi.  The band’s most well known song titled “Sex Is Good” is our favorite song.

The punk/rock/hard rock attitude of Scott Austin just ignites us and the crowd with energy.

Saving Abel setlist:
New Tattoo
Sex Is Good

Saving Abel tour dates:

Trapt:  Consists of Chris Taylor Brown on lead vocals , Peter Charell on bass, Brendan Hengle on drums and Ty Fury on guitar.  The band formed in 1995 at Los Gatos, California.   On tour in support of their new album titled “DNA.”  The song title “Headstrong” is the favorite song that all my family loves to hear and rock out to.  

Trapt setlist:
Bring It
It’s Over
Stand Up/Still Frame

Trapt tour dates:

Saliva:  Consists of Wayne Swinny on lead guitar, Paul Crosby on drums, Bobby Amaru on vocals and Brad Stuart on bass.  The band was formed on 1996 in Memphis, Tennessee.  Saliva is on tour supporting their new album titled “Love, Lies and Therapy.”

Saliva’s song titled “Click, Click, Boom”, is our favorite song and play it almost every other day along with other songs by Saliva.

Saliva song off the new album titled “Rise Up” video link.

Saliva tour dates:

All seven bands performed like headline bands do making a great concert experience for everyone and making people forget about the next day back to work and other worries.  They made you remember and honor September 11th in one of the most patriotic shows we have ever experienced and was glad to be there to enjoy it.  All of the bands are worth seeing again and will when they come back around on tour.  A true test of any band is hearing them live and all of them made us want to hear them again.

By Dan, Andrew and Kayla Spratt 09-16-2016
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