Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Sunday, May 12, 2024


“The Tailgate Tour”



Saint Asonia


Tim Montana

At The

Van Andel Arena

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Last Thursday night on a cold damp day Van Andel Arena was a warm host to Staind “The Tailgate Tour”, with Seether, Saint Asonia and Tim Montana.  Also fans had the same warm welcome like home away from home all here to experience a sonic roller coaster ride.  The experience I speak of is a mixture of great bands that draws you in sonically rock, hard rock, southern rock.  

Don’t let the labels define the show but listen for yourself.  A live show the bands interact with the audience and get them to forget about everyday worries and just enjoy the sonic ride and have a good time.  Van Andel Arena was very welcoming and professional with all who attended to also make it enjoyable.

One way to know if it’s working is that you lose a sense of time because you’re having a good time caught in the music.  The hardest job of the show is the opening act.  The opener has the task of getting the crowd going and excited and drawn in. 

The opener Tim Montana I listened to on ahead of time and is now on my favorite playlist.

Tim Montana:  Tim Montana does lead vocals/guitar, Tom Samulak on guitar, Kyle Law on drums and Jackson Moody on bass.  His first studio album titled “Iron Horse” came out in 2008.  Me being a long time fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd anything southern rock styling draws me in to rock out.

This band makes great high energy music that gets the crowd
rocking out ready to have a great time the rest of the evening.


  1. Get Some

  2. Ain’t Coming Down

  3. Die Today

  4. Shut Me Out

  5. Lovely

  6. Savage

  7. Mostly Stoned

  8. Devil You Know

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Saint Asonia:  This band consists of Adam Gontier on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Mike Mushok on lead guitar, Cale Gontier on bass/backing vocals and Cody Watkins on drums/percussion.  The band formed in 2014.  Me being a long time fan of his music I recalled covering Adam Gontier’s shows on two separate times.  

One was in Jackson Michigan my son and I had the honor to cover his show in 2013 was epic.  I looked up the videos on and discovered my son and I were rocking out and photographing his epic show I had to share. 

I am not the owner of the videos but am the red hat at the front of the stage with my son that has the Dimebag Darrell hair both enjoying an epic day with roughly 100 bands playing in one day.  

The other time covering Adam Gontier is when Saint Asonia played a concert in Battle Creek, Michigan.  My son and I had press for another epic evening.  The article link I had to share is here. 

So I have been a long time fan of Adam Gontier and his sonic adventure.  Much love and respect and rock on.


  1. Devastate

  2. Better Place

  3. I Don’t Care (Apocalyptica cover song)

  4. I Hate Everything About You (Three Days Grace cover song)

  5. Riot (Three Days Grace cover song)

  6. Wolf

  7. Let Me Live My Life

Tour links:

Seether:  The band consists of Shaun Morgan on lead vocals/lead guitar/rhythm guitar/piano, Dale Stewart on bass/backing vocals/acoustic guitar, John Humphrey on drums/percussion and Corey Lowery on lead guitar/backing vocals.  The band formed in 1999 and is from Pretoria, South Africa.  Another band that I have been a long time fan of is this one.

My son and I also had the honor of covering them at the late great venue the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan when I worked for another magazine. 

Another epic moment in time like all the rest when you experience Seether live.



  1. Gasoline

  2. Fine Again

  3. Broken

  4. Country Song

  5. Waste Land

  6. Truth

  7. Rise Above This

  8. Nobody Praying For Me

  9. Dangerous

  10. Fake It

  11. Remedy

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Stained:  The band consists of Aaron Lewis on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Mike Mushok on lead guitar, Johnny April on bass/backing vocals and Sal Giancarelli on drums.  The band formed in 1995 and is from Springfield, Massachusetts.  

We also covered Rock The Rapids, Grand Rapids, Michigan where Staind performed at the outside parking lot of Van Andel Arena.  It was epic just like their performance indoors at Van Andel Arena.  It seemed like time stood still, getting caught up in the moment. 

I had to tell myself to keep taking pictures don’t stop and sing. I only have three songs.  I decided to take pictures and sing perfect mixture. 



  1. Lowest In Me

  2. Eyes Wide Open

  3. Fade

  4. Right Here

  5. Not Again

  6. Here And Now

  7. Something To Remind You

  8. Raw

  9. Outside

  10. Wannabe

  11. Better Days

  12. So Far Away

  13. For You

  14. It’s Been Awhile

  15. Mudshovel

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Reporters notes:

I report in a pure neutral stance setting aside race, religion and political views and report strictly on the music.  Don’t take my word for loving a band’s music, decide on your own experience the music don’t just listen.

Dan Spratt 05/11/2024

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