Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Five Finger Death Punch (share the welt tour) concert report

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 Rains sweepstake winning report and Five Finger Death Punch “Share the welt tour” report

During the fall of this year my son and I wanted to report the tour but missed out in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The next best thing was to enter the “Rains” sweepstakes on face book on a wing and a prayer chance of winning.  Many people still haven’t heard the group “Rains” yet and are really missing out on an awesome sounding band.

One question to you to prove a point, “When you listen good music rock and metal and you go to bed.  What type of song is stuck in your head when you wake up?”  The answer my family and I both came up with is the “Rains” song “Liar”.

The songs from the other groups sounded great and “Five Finger Death Punch’s”, songs stuck with me too.  A good song will grip a person and won’t let them go.   I don’t say this because I won the contest I share the over all opinion of my family.

I love most forms of musical expression and report only the groups and music that I like and/or have a chance to report for “Concert Photos Magazine” face book group and their webpage.  I usually have to pay for all my family and I expenses reporting as a hobby.  We plan our vacations around concerts in place of going to fun park riding on rollercoaster rides. 

We choose to rock on a sonic rollercoaster ride of pure sonic energy.  “Rains” first caught my eye on the contest and so I took a listen to them on  I was impressed with their music and the other bands on tour I’ve seen two out of the three.  “Five Finger Death Punch” and “Hatebreed” both at Mayhem Fest.

My family and I can relate to the musicians because we play music and other arts.  I refer to most musicians as artist and also as poets because that how I am and see them as more than just a musician.

One thing that stuck with me at the concert that night is what “Ivan Moody” said about family.  He mentioned about his little brother Chad helps him on tour.  He reminded me of a MMA fighter and was there for his brother helping with the show.  Ok people this is a compliment I wish I was built like an MMA fighter.

When my family and I met “Rains” and hearing what “Ivan Moody” said makes me think that the groups are more like each group is a family.  Working hard together to put on an awesome concert.  And all the groups under one big family of Five Finger Death Punch.

When my family first made it to the hotel in Chicago we met up with the publicist for “Rains”, Luke D. very professional, down to earth, and easy going.  We enjoyed his company and professionalism with every aspect of going to the concert.   And also meeting the group “Rains” and having my family and I get photos with them.

Then for the show we chose to be up on the balcony area to watch the show.
“Rains” rocked the crowd with the first song.

Tearing Us Apart:  This song was a great pick for the first song.  Rule number one in concerts is, “your first song has to grab the crowd and get them interested in your group, and it did.”  A total sonic package that grabbed everyone’s attention and kept you rocking.

Fake:  The Second song kept the crowd going and moving with pure rock poetry and riffs.
Pressure:  The third song that needed to keep the crowd rocking before the two showcase songs that you’ll never forget once you hear them.

Liar:  The fourth song is pure rock poetry belting out the lyrics and sweet riffs that compliment the lyric in an arrangement that grabbed the attention of my family so much that the next day my family woke up thinking of the lyrics.

Look In My Eyes:  The last song that is the one played on the radio to get people interested in there music and also to get the crowd to keep following their music after the concert.

What I liked about “Rains” is that they have their own identity not copying any other group.  From their playing style of music of clear clean thunder riffs to the belting out the lyrics.  I hope to hear their music played more on the radio because they deserve to skyrocket to stardom.

Hatebreed:  The second group of the show that slammed people around with their music and lyrics.  Getting everyone in the theatre jumping up and down singing their songs word for word.  Their would be good listening to while working out hitting a heavy bag at the gym or weight lifting with an ipod on.
It gets you moving you can’t stand still with their sonic attacks.

All That Remains:  With an awesome light show, great vocals, and spotlight shreds from the guitars.  What stood out about this group was Oli awesome guitar shreds the notes per minute had to be in the teens and made it sound good too.

My son and I had the honor to meet Oli after the show.  A very gifted artist/musician that flat shreds. 

Five Finger Death Punch:  I knew they put on a great show with the lights.  Sonic attack from all the guitars.  I enjoyed their drum stand that would raise up.  Ivan Moody’s killer vocals belting out sonic attacks getting the crowd roaring. 

I liked how Ivan kidded around with the crowd which made the crowd connect with him and his group.   He is one of the best metal vocalist in the world.  He also has a very powerful and charismatic stage presence.

All the groups at the show my family and I felt were very gifted artists/musicians.

It was well worth the effort to make it to the Rivera Theatre, Chicago I don’t regret it at all.  Rock On “Rains”, Rock Hard “Hatebreed”, Rock Loud “All That Remains”, Rock Proud “Five Finger Death Punch”.  My family looks forward to seeing you all in 2012 again.  Your friend and reporter (nosforotu poet) Dan Spratt copyright 12/20/2011.

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