Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Soulfly concert report, The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Incite, Lody Kong, Wykked Wytch, Mine enemies fall, Headcase concert report.  April 23, 2012 at the Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Soulfly’s Marc Rizzo: He was nice enough to let my son and I both interview him while relaxed before the concert.  He mentioned to my son that he needs to keep playing guitar and get a band together.

His main influences was and guitarists that are greats like  Joe Satriani, Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix and many more.

Usually when creating music the riffs are made first then the lyrics.  Each person adds their input on making songs.

My son and I feel he is a shredd legend just like his influences and I’m sure there are many of metal shredd heads out there that say Marc Rizzo is one of there influences.

Incite’s Richie Cavalera: He also was nice enough to let my son and I both interview him.  He let us know regardless of who you’re related to you have to work hard for everything want.

A perfect example is he told me he followed the tour driving a car for hundreds of miles then getting 3 hours of sleep then setting up the merchandise and selling shirts, then getting on stage.

I agree with what he had to say about real metal bands and it could go for rock bands too.  They need to be road worthy.  Touring on the road working hard for everything they get and never forget.

And most importantly what he had to say about big mainstream metal bands.  He mentioned that they need to grab 20 or so unknown metal bands that need exposure to bring in new blood.  Mainly to keep metal alive and not die off listening to the same groups over and over again.

When his band creates music they start with the chords first then add lyrics.
His influences one of course is the one he’s related to.  He mention a group to take a listen Sylosis. 

Wykked Wytch’s Ipek: She was nice enough to let my son and I interview her.  She told us about being a teen in Germany she would sneak out to go and sing at the local pub.  The singing was in her heart then.

Her parents would get after her for sneaking out, but she still did it anyway.  She recorded a song that was put on the local tv.  Where her parents saw it and were so proud they wouldn’t hassle her again about singing.

What I thought was cool about the influences was that she had none but liked listening to other groups.  I could relate to this because if you want to create your own musical identity you don’t copy other groups music even in any portion.  I call this artistic creation and sonically projecting from the inner core of yourself.

My son and I both wanted to know about how she kept her voice doing the growls and roars that she does.  She mention that many metal singers don’t take voice training.  The training helps you belt out the metal without putting a stain on your throat.

Many people lose their voices because of this for a few days.  It was interesting how hard of worker she is working for a law firm to earn a steady income.  Which helps fund what she likes doing supporting the arts and her band.

She also has her own talk radio show in Florida and also road manages other groups.  She had a chance to meet Pantera in the middle of the night drove to meet them.  She got to talk to the band and they mentioned that her group should tour Europe where the real metal is.  

My quote:  I think good rock and metal is everywhere people just need to support the bands just starting out to create new blood.  All the bands at the show were hard working to put on a good show. 

What worries me is that I didn’t see any media coverage from local and nearby radio stations.  “How dare they call themselves a metal and rock radio station without reporting the show they missed out and not the groups.  I guess that‘s where my son and I come in and report the show.  No I’m not hating I’m just saying how I feel as an artist, reporter, musician, photographer and poet.”

Head Case:  Was the first band to come on a local band from Paw Paw, Michigan area.  The hardest part of the show is the first one on stage to do the show doing sound check and ignoring and heckling.  I have to stop a minute to say it takes hard work and guts to get on stage and prove yourself.

Once they started playing all was good and rocked the people that gave them a hard time.  Another words they shut them up by rockin out and put on a great show for the first band to start the show.  I hope they keep on rockin.

They had their own style of metal music a mixture of Pantera and Lamb of God and other metal all into one.

Mine Enemies Fall:  Hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan area they really sounded good and you could see they had a good time rocking the metal crowd.   They reminded me of Pantera first with a little Lamb of God mixed in but did their own style and identity.

Maybe it was the dean ML one of the guitarist was playing the tone stands out just like my son’s dean Razorback he plays.  They made it fun to listen to them and they have a good sound unique and metal Rock On.

Wykked Wytch:  Very fast metal washboard riffs and metal growls sounded great with the bass and drums.  Unique metal sound unlike any other very fast riffs keep you watching the whole time.  Hey don’t be scared it’s only metal I had to put that in there.

I didn’t know what to expect before the show so I watched some you tube videos.  I’d have to say that you tube doesn’t do them justice.  They sound much better in person.

They work hard to put on a great show.  Some of the songs play list.
“Birthing the beast.”
“Prayers of the decapitated.”
“Despised Existence.”
“The Ultimate Deception.”
“Serpents among us.”
Lody Kong:  This group really surprised me I had no idea what type of show they would do and how good it would be.  When they started playing they reminded me of a young metal version of Nirvana mixed with other styles of grunge and metal.

They were young and full of energy running around on stage  putting out some unique metal I have never heard anything like it before and would be glad to see them again and again and again.

Incite: When they came out they got the crowd moshing with their metal roars and riffs.  I don’t think I can compare them to any other band they have their own sound that’s great to listen to in my son and I rating system.

1. The sleep on it test?  Can you fall asleep listening to many types of songs and one group stands out when you wake up the next the music playing through your head.

2. The cruise test.  Can you cruise to the music and be metal proud of it playing?

3. Mp3 gym test.  Can you rock out to their music while working out lifting freeweights and cardio and did you let out a metal growl at people?  My son playing soulfly he lets out a metal growl at people walking by or staring.  Ahh I did it a few times too.

4. The party test.  Can you keep the party happy to where they don’t trash your home or did they rock out so much that they trashed your house because the metal was so good?  I hope you had good homeowners insurance.

INCITE you passed all four.

Soulfly:  I loved the design on the mic. Stand and the stage background unique and Soulfly’s style.  One of the godfathers of metal Max Cavalera goes out on stage with his band and the crowd goes crazy.

Soulfly truly sounds better live on stage.  I am speechless at such a great show Soulfly did and if you didn’t make it to see them you really missed out.  It’s hard to compare a live show to a recorded they were awesome in all aspects and would love to see them again and again and again and so on never get tired of the show they put on and the music they create.  One of the great things about Soulfly is that they brought in local bands too.  To help give them exposure.

All of the groups working hard everyday to put on a great show people can’t comprehend what it’s about until you see for yourself.  My metal son and I truly enjoyed all the aspects of reporting the show.  The rest of the media missed out, and not the bands.
By Andrew Spratt and Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 04/25/2012

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