Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Album Review of Black Stone Cherry's album Magic Mountain

Album Review:  
Black Stone Cherry's
Magic Mountain

The fourth album by Black Stone Cherry.  After seeing Black Stone Cherry at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This reporter could not resist reviewing their new album before the May sixth official release.

Black Stone Cherry has a southern hard rock has a mixture of blues and hard rock.  Black Stone Cherry’s song “Me and Mary Jane” gives you a taste of the style music they play.  This song has been played on local and xm radio for a while to promote the album release on May sixth.

Album Song List:

1) Holding On To Letting Go
2) Peace Pipe
3) Bad Luck And Hard Love
4) Me And Mary Jane
5) Runaway
6) Magic Mountain
7) Never Surrender
8) Blow Your Mind
9) Sometimes
10) Fiesta Del Fuego
11) Dance Girl
12) Hollywood In Kentucky
13) Remember Me

The first song on the album “Holding On To Letting Go” is a very fast paced song.  This song gets your heart pounding and would be great to listen to on your mp3 while working out at the gym, running or biking.

The second song “Peace Pipe” the title represents making peace and love in place of fighting.  With long flowing vocals telling a story in the song.

The third song “ Bad Luck And Hard Love” has a wah style start up on guitar and is a bluesy hard rock song.  This song has very powerful vocals on this song that gives you a very visual sonic thrill ride.  This would be great to work out to or out cruising in your car.

The fourth song “Me And Mary Jane” gives you a well balanced taste of the style music Black Stone Cherry plays.  This song would be a perfect party song to blast on your stereo.

The fifth song “Runaway” gives you flowing vocals then slams you with powerful hard rock riffs.  The song would be perfect to play while out cruising your car with the stereo up loud and proud.

The sixth song “Magic Mountain” is the perfect party song for people that love hard rock.

The seventh song “Never Surrender” has a great drum start that gets your heart pounding.  The would be perfect to listen to while working out using your mp3 player.

The eighth song “Blow Your Mind” has a great blues and hard rock starting to the song.  This song is perfect for turning your stereo up loud and cruising.

The ninth song “Sometimes” leads you with a smooth acoustic start followed by smooth flowing vocals.  This is a great song to relax to at home or in the car driving home after a hard days work.  The song is great to just sit a visualize and relate to the moment.

Song number 10, “Fiesta Del Fuego” has it all with the fast paced high energy vocals and riffs.  This is the perfect song for working out to or kick starting a party.

Song number 11, “Dance Girl” is a fast paced dance song.  This song is perfect for dance parties.  The song has very heavy bass and drums in the song that flow and get you to want to move around.  This song is great to kick start a party.

Song number 12, “Hollywood In Kentucky” has a very southern style story telling  style.  It is a very visual song comparing two different walks of life.  This song is a very down home and down to earth song.  

This is a song you can’t get out of your head when you listen to it one time.  This tells you how good it is by reaching into country music as well as rock.
This song should show up on the rock and country charts and may even win Black Stone Cherry awards.

Song number 13, “Remember Me” has heavy riffs and echo that makes this one unforgettable.  The song is perfect for cruising, parties and working out to at the gym.

Black Stone Cherry will be on tour supporting their album release.  
By Dan Spratt 05/03/2014

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