Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Interviews and Review of Pop Evil, Escape The Fate, Avatar and Glamour Of The Kill

Concert Review And Interviews
Pop Evil
Escape The Fate
Glamour Of The Kill
Club Fever
South Bend, Indiana

Pop Evil on tour supporting their third album Onyx at Club fever, South Bend, Indiana on May ninth.  Friday was a perfect day to see Pop Evil in concert bringing with them Avatar, Escape The Fate and Glamour The Kill.  Some of the well known songs on Pop Evil’s album Onyx are “Trenches,” “Divide” and Torn To Pieces.”

The weather was a perfect 75 degrees or so that kept the crowd happy waiting in line.  No matter where you are from you have fun talking in line while you are waiting.  People love to share their concert experiences while waiting in line because they know you can relate to them.

The total concert experience is forgetting about your worries and having a great time no matter what show you see.  One of the most enjoyable venues to be at to meet your favorite bands is Club Fever.  The reason for this is that the standing area is the closest to the stage than any other venue we have been to so far.  

The is only a small photo pit in the middle keeping you from the stage.  There are only amps at the right and left of the stage keeping you away.

Glamour Of The Kill on tour in support of their new album Savages” that will be release May 13th of this year.  Glamour Of The Kill was the opening band for the show at Club Fever.  The floor was getting packed in with fans of all four bands.

The hard part for any band is getting the crowd fired up.   Glamour Of The Kill had no problem warming up the crowd with their mixture of metal and hard rock.  They would make a couple of jokes to connect with the crowd.


The crowd openly connect with the band and created a mosh pit to show how much they liked the band from the United Kingdom.  With great riffs, thundering drums, flowing lead, backup vocals and the always craved chugging bass drew the crowd into a great time starting out.

Glamour Of The Kill consists of Davey Richmond on vocals and bass, Chris Gomerson on guitar and vocals, Mike Kingswood on lead guitar and vocals and Ben Thomson on drums and vocals.  The band formed in 2007 and are from York, United Kingdom.

Davey Richmond Interview:

Andrew and Dan:  Out of all the venues coming up on tour which one is the most anticipated and why?

Davey:  I would have to say the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It’s a beautiful venue and it is always beautiful in that area.

Andrew and Dan:  What styles of music does your band like listening to to relax?

Davey:  For me I like to listen some Queen and some Adele.

Andrew and Dan:  What music do you listen to going cruising?

Davey:  I like listening to some Pantera, Metallica and some Iron Maiden songs like that.

Andrew and Dan:  When creating music what comes first the music or the lyrics?

Davey: Usually the music comes first then the lyrics.    

Andrew and Dan:  What bands are you band's influences?

Davey:  Some of the old school metal like Pantera, Metallica and Megadeth.  As well as some of the new bands like Avenged Sevenfold.

Andrew and Dan:  What do you do on tour besides play music?

Davey:  Drink, meet new people and see new places.

Andrew and Dan:  Where did you think up the band title?

Davey:  We changed our name from when we first started because it was not that good.  So one of my friends came up with  Glamour Of The Kill and it stuck then.

Andrew and Dan:  What big band took you on tour to become more well known?

Davey:  I would have to say Avenged Sevenfold and another band that is there for us is Escape The Fate.

Andrew and Dan:  Family and friends that support you?

Davey:  Ever since I was in the eighth grade I was in a band and my family supported me since then.

Andrew and Dan:  What is your favorite song to play and why?

Davey:  To me I like all my songs but if I had to choose I would have to say “Brick.”  “Brick” is the first song that we play tonight and that is on our new album that will be released May 13 of this year.

Avatar on tour in support of their fifth album Hail The Apocalypse.  The crowd anxiously awaited the second band on stage.  You could feel the intense energy of the crowd packed shoulder to shoulder.  

The crowd was captivated by Avatar with the lead singer Johannes in white, black and red face paint.  Johannes reminded me of a tall Alice Cooper when we covered their show last year.  This year they drew in more fans with their Gothenburg style metal and keep growing a larger fan base every time they tour.


Johannes has a unique style of connecting with the crowd and keeping them captivated by his bands presence on stage.  Like a leader in a metal marching band he carries his cane and sing with a heavy thunder voice.  The band follows his voice with heart pounding riffs, chugging bass and the thunder of drums.

Avatar comes from their home town of Gothenburg, Sweden and was formed in 2001.  The band consists of Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerstrom on vocals, John Alfredsson on drums, Jonas Kungen Jarlsby on guitar, Tim Ohrstrom on guitar and Hendrik Sandelin bringing the thunder of the bass.

While reviewing their 2013 show we really enjoyed their songs, “Freak Show,” “Black Waltz” and “Let It Burn”.   This took place at The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The other bands at the show were Lacuna Coil, Coldville and Sargent Avenue.

Interview with Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerstrom:

Andrew and Dan: Out of all the venues coming up on tour which one is the most anticipated and why?

Johannes:  That would have to be Rock On The Range that is a very big out venue.  And hopefully I will get to meet Chris Jericho of Fozzy at Rock On The Range.  I also look forward to the legendary Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan.  Also this will be our release party at the Machine Shop.

Andrew and Dan:  What styles of music does your band like listening to to relax?

Johannes:  It depends on what kind of day we are having.  And this is a more rock oriented tour.  We have been dying to listen to some Nile and some death metal.  

Andrew and Dan: What music do you listen to going cruising?

Johannes:  Well I would need a drivers licence for that.  My very cruising memory would be when a friend of mine was rebuilding a Porsche.  We put it together when turned eighteen which is not very common in Sweden at that age.  Getting the car together and listening to some Triple Eight that’s cruising to me.

Andrew and Dan: When creating music what comes first the music or the lyrics?

Johannes:  The music comes first then the lyrics usually.  We all come up with some riffs and find one creates emotion.  It’s what I resonate with is what I start add the writing on.  

It’s kind of a good way of testing the music if it creates some images.  If it gives us some vision that is what I start working on.  

Andrew and Dan: What bands are you band's influences?

Johannes:  When we started playing together we all played extreme stuff.  It was brutal death metal and a lot of melodic death metal that kind of thing was Gothenburg stuff where we come from.  Then we started picking up and blending in some rock and roll.  We start picking up rock and roll and classic metal.  And today we are looking at anything that has a root to it an idea to it we do not discriminate very much.  The important thing is we take it through our filter and turn it into metal.  It could be Johnny Cash or Tom Wade as well as Iron Maiden.

Andrew and Dan: Are there other family members that also do music??

Johannes:  We all did piano lessons, but me and my youngest sister are the only ones who stuck with it.   But I am the only one who is pursuing it.  I came from a music friendly house but not too much into music.  

Andrew and Dan: What do you do on tour besides play music?

Johannes:  We are very busy with interviews and other things on tour.  We try to entertain each other with an occasional drinking binge.  I have been trying to be more fit and stay more healthy this tour.   

Andrew and Dan: What big band took you on tour to become more well known?

Johannes:  In the earlier days we toured in Europe with Helloween which is a very well known band.

Andrew and Dan:  Family and friends that support you?

Johannes:  Usually in Sweden it’s encouraged to pursue a music career.  In general in Sweden if a person wants to play music the families back them up.  Ultimately because Sweden is such a big nation in music we are the third largest in music exports.  And if you look at the Swedish population we are 10 million people.  We can see there is successful possibility to it if the case pursues it.  

Andrew and Dan:  What is your favorite song to play and why?

Johannes:  Usually it’s the newest one I would have to say “Bloody Angel”.  I like to make that extra fun and am always excited about how the crowd reacts.  It depends on what kind of crowd it is.  When we are touring with bands that are not that extreme it is  going with extreme stuff to teach them to mosh pit.

Avatar’s set-list:
Bloody Angel
Hail The Apocalypse
Vultures Fly
Let It Burn
Paint Me Red
Smells Like A Freak Show

Escape The Fate on tour in support of their fourth album Ungrateful in 2013.  Came on stage talking and joking and connecting with the crowd.  At times you would want to duck out of the way if you did not want to get wet.  Most enjoyed the water having some good experiencing their show.  The mosh pit was an on going fun from the first band on to this one.

The mosh pit shows how much people enjoy the music they hear.  The larger the pit the more they like you show sometimes.  Escape The Fate kept the crowd going and warm up for Pop Evil. 

The band was formed in 2005 and are from Las Vegas, Nevada.  The band consists of Robert Ortiz on drums, Craig Mabbitt on lead vocals, TJ Bell on rhythm guitar, Kevin Gruft on lead guitar and Max Green on bass and backup vocals.

Escape The Fate’s set-list:
You’re Insane
Live Fast
Until We Die
10 Miles Wide
Gorgeous Nightmare
One For The Money
Fire It Up
This War Is Ours
Pop Evil’s well known songs from their 2010 album War Of Angels are “Last Man Standing” and “The Monster You Made.”  There was also the big hit “Bosses Daughter,” that was a collaboration with Mick Mars.  Some of the well known songs on Pop Evil’s album Onyx are “Trenches,” “Divide” and “Torn To Pieces.”

Pop Evil drew the crowd in tight shoulder to shoulder there was not any room for a mosh pit at this time.  Captivating the crowd with their own style of hard rock.  Pop Evil was so well known many in the crowd starting singing their songs with them.  

Pop Evil consists of Leigh Kakaty on vocals, Davey Grahs on guitar, Nick Fuelling on guitar, Matt DiRitto on bass and Chachi Riot brings the thunder of the drum.  Pop Evil is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and was formed in 2007.

Pop Evil’s set-list:
100 In A 55
Behind Closed Doors
Boss’ Daughter
Last Man Standing
Goodbye My Friend
Sick Sense
Torn To Pieces
Deal With The Devil

All of the bands that evening put on a great show each with their own style of hard rock or metal performance.  Any of these bands would be a must see again when they come back around on different tours.

By Dan and Andrew Spratt 05-11-2014

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