Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Theory Of A Deadman, Halestorm and Fled Five create a sonic storm of rock

Theory Of A Deadman, Halestorm and Fled Five
create a sonic storm of rock at
Fifth Third ballpark, Comstock Park, Michigan

Theory Of A Deadman along with Halestorm and local band Fled Five at the Fifth Third Ballpark, Comstock Park, Michigan.  Theory Of A Deadman on tour supporting their new album Savages.  This is the fifth album of Theory Of A Deadman and has some great songs to rock out to.

Fled Five

Fled Five:  The hardest job for the opening band to do is start the crowd up and keep them going for the next band that goes on.  Fled Five did a great job of rocking out to the crowd and kept their motor revved up for Halestorm.  We just got in on time to catch the band from a distance and share few photographs with the readers.

Halestorm:  At the show Lzzy Hale took the stage by storm and dominated the stage for their total show.  With great vocals and guitar riffs to melt your face off.  The band is the total hard rock/metal package to see.

With amazing drum solos that will make you out of breath just watching Arejay Hale destroying his drum sticks.  Throwing the old ones to the crowd and picking up new ones.  At the end of the solo changing to monster drum sticks that looked  like he was playing two Louisville Slugger baseball bats.

Time flew by so fast Halestorm left you wanting more of their show.  This band my son and I covered at Rock The Rapids in Grand Rapids, Michigan back in 2012.  Every time we cover the show they seem to get better and dominate every stage they go to.

Halestorm consists of Lzzy Hale on vocals and guitar, Arejay Hale on drums, Josh Storm on bass and vocals and Joe Storm guitar and vocals.  It’s been two years since my assistant and I covered Halestorm.  The band has six albums out and mentioned they were writing music for their new album.

Halestorm setlist:
Love Bites
Snot Ewe
Rock Show
Break In
Mz. Hyde
I Get Off
Here’s To Us

My daughter and I enjoyed the music so much that we sang along while photographing the band.

Halestorm tour dates link:

Theory Of A Deadman: Consisting of Tyler Connolly on vocals and guitar, Dean Back on bass, David Brenner on guitar and Joe Dandeneau on drums.  Theory Of A Deadman captivated the crowd starting out singing “So Happy”.  They were smooth on delivery of all their well known songs.

It was worth while to finally see Theory Of A Deadman play.  This is a band that you will never get tired of seeing live.  We sang their songs while photographing them as well. 

Theory Of A Deadman’s setlist:
So Happy
Bitch Came Back
All Or Nothing
Nothing Can Come
No Surprise
Not Meant To Be
Santa Monica
Hate My Life
Bad Girlfriend

It was a great time with some great bands that we would love to see again and again.  The Fifth Third Ballpark is the perfect venue for seeing an outdoor concert.  The flow of people would make their way through the food and drink lines fast because there was more than just one.  The only regret for this venue is that they need to put on more concerts there between baseball games.

by Dan Spratt (Nosforotu Poet) 08-30-2014

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