Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Incite Better Left Unsaid Spades And Blades Fear No Tomorrow Raise Hell on St. Patrick’s Day at Smith’s Tap And Grill Mishawaka, Indiana

Incite raises hell at Smith’s Tap And Grill in Mishawaka, Indiana on Saint Patrick’s day, March 17th.  In support of Incite’s album "UP IN HELL", they raised a little hell bringing with them Better Left Unsaid, Spades And Blades and local band Fear No Tomorrow.  This was a great way enjoy the holiday in Irish country, experiencing great metal and drinking some Guinness beer at the bar with the bands. The reason I call this Irish country is that the University Of Notre Dame is in the neighboring city of South Bend, Indiana.

Smith's Tap And Grill is the perfect venue to go and meet your favorite bands when they play there. When you think of great metal and hear the name Cavalera that makes it a must see concert. Richie Cavalera and his band Incite carries that metal flag with pride.

Whenever Incite comes around they bring with them some great sounding metal bands. The great thing about the bands are that they are used to playing small crowds all the way up to thousands of metal fans. They all put on a great performance no matter the size.

Besides hearing Incite live we also purchased their newest album titled UP IN HELL.  
Album music list:
Up In Hell
False Flag
Rightful Spot
Rise To Greatness
Who Am I
Still Here
Losing Grip 
To The Depths

Incite:  The band consists of Richie Cavalera on vocals, Christopher “El” on bass, “Dru Tang” Rome on guitar, Kevin “Dis” on Guitar and  Lennon Lopez on drums.

Incite Setlist:  

Up In Hell

False Flag


Die Alone
Down And Out
Tyrannies End
End Result
Nothing To Fear
Losing Grip
The Aftermath
The Slaughter
Army Of Darkness

Better Left Unsaid: The band consists of Adam Raffety on vocals, Brent Terry on drums, Greg Fender on guitar, Rob Fernandez on guitar and Ryan Denys on bass. Adam Raffety gives a toast to the crowd to the people that celebrate Saint Patrick's this was a great way to connect with the crowd. Better Left Unsaid sounded great throughout their songs.  

This is a band to see again when they come back around. They made everyone experience great metal and to enjoy the Irish Holiday. Don't take my word for it, listen to them yourself and be the judge.

Better Left Unsaid setlist:
Mr. Dark
The Butcher
Exile The Righteous
Threat Of Truth
To The Last Man
She Needs Violence

Spades And Blades:  The band consists of Jason Todd on vocals, Josiah Wiswell on guitar, Justin Bullock on guitar and vocals, Garrett Rizzi on bass and Tommy Jean Stiles on drums. Spades And Blades put on a great show connecting with the crowd and making you forget about your worries and just rock out. A true test of a show is whether a person had good time experiencing the metal.

Spades And Blades Setlist:
Revelation (intro.)

Spades And Blades concert dates:

Fear No Tomorrow:  The band consists of Nick White Jr. on drums and backup vocals, Tommy Bice on lead and rhythm guitar, Austin Savage on lead and rhythm guitar, Chuck Hawkins on bass, Armando Gonzalez on lead vocals and Collin McIntosh on screamer. The hardest thing to do is open and get the crowd fired up. This band did a great job of firing people up the drum playing really stood out and captured our attention.

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