Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mushroomhead, Avatar, Righteous Vendetta, Pass Of Aggression and Society Kills at The Intersection

Righteous Vendetta
with two local bands
Pass Of Aggression
Society Kills
The Intersection

The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan hosted an amazing show last Sunday the 17th of May.  The Intersection is a great venue to get up close and personal with the bands.  Most of the bands do meet and greet before or after their show at their merchandise tables.  Most having a decent deal on cds and shirts.  

But for this show The Intersection picked a great lineup of bands to keep the crowd interested in rocking out and having a great time.  My view of the lineup was like riding on a roller-coaster and you are gradually going up higher and higher until you reach the top.

Then the drop is the sonic thrill ride of it all.   The true test of all the bands is to connect with the crowd to a point that the crowd forgets about all worries of bills or working the next day.  And the crowd experiences all the senses stimulated and not just one.

All the bands caught the attention of the crowd as well as my son and I to the point that we did not even pay attention on the time.  It flew by too quick and left you wanting to see more and more metal.


Society Kills:  The band consists of Jered Kellum on guitar/vocals, Jake Vanderband on guitar, Ryan Nielsen on bass and Joe Samson on drums. The band current location is Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This band is a great opening band for many styles of hard rock and metal.  

They got the crowd woke up and ready to hear more.  The hardest job for a band is being the first ones on stage and fire up the crowd. You have to be good from the start to finish in order to keep the crowd's momentum going.

Pass Of Aggression:  The band consists of John Lee on lead vocals/keyboards, “Sir” Matthew on guitar/DJ, Marc Courtright on drums/samples and Ian Sniesak on bass/vocals.  Founded in 2004 hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This band would be great to have tour with P.O.D. and/or Islander or if Rage Against The Machine got back together and toured as well.

Pass Of Aggression’s setlist:
American Dream
Whiskey Rich
Cinnamon Condom
Always At War (Finally Found Peace)

Righteous Vendetta:  The band consists of Ryan Hayes on vocals, Justin Olmstead on guitar, Carl Heiman on guitar, Zack Goggins on drums and Riley Haynie on bass.  The band was founded in 2008 and the band’s current location is Cody, Wyoming. This band is great band that could tour with hard rock or any metal bands. I could see them touring with Hellyeah or Five Finger Death Punch and bands of that style music.

Avatar:  Comes from their hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden and was formed in 2001.  The band consists of Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerstrom on vocals, John Alfredsson on drums, Jonas Kungen Jarlsby on guitar, Tim Ohrstrom on guitar and Hendrik Sandelin bringing the thunder of the bass.

Before the show even started Johannes and John were interviewed on Fox17 a local television station based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Besides the interview it was great to see them have some fun being allowed to do the seven day weather forecast.  It was very clever of Johannes to incorporate advertising Avatar being in concert and the forecast was melting faces.

That was the best weather forecast I have seen in a long time.  He reminded people that this was their last show on this past Sunday, and that they would return again.  This was a relief to hear, because Grand Rapids and the surrounding area craves great metal shows.  My son and I being some of them and Avatar is on top of the list to catch every time they make it around the area.

Later at the show at The Intersection Johannes mentioned that they have played 28 of 30 days straight.  But by the show they put on you could not tell that they have done so many shows in a row.  “They rocked balls to the wall from start to finish.”  

This is an old train engineer saying that the heavy metal train is full throttle and can’t be stopped.  Johannes draws the crowd in with his own unique style of having fun and asking questions getting the crowd to shout back.  This was the final show of the tour and rumors are that they are writing new music for an album that may come out next year.  Michigan will miss such a great metal band and hope to see them again soon.

Avatar on tour in support of their fifth album Hail The Apocalypse.

Avatar’s set list:
Hail The Apocalypse
Let It Burn
Get In Line
Bloody Angels
Vultures Fly
Paint Me Red
Smells Like A Freak Show

Mushroomhead:  Consists of J. Mann on vocals, Jeffery Nothing on vocals, Waylon on vocals, Shmotz on keyboards, Skinny on drums, Stitch on samples/drums, Church on guitar, Dr. F. on bass and Roberto Diablo on Drums.  Mushroomhead hails from Cleveland, Ohio and was founded in 1993.  Mushroomhead touring in support of their album The Righteous And The Butterfly that was released in 2014.  

No matter where the band performs they put on a captivating water and metal show.  Each monster mask a unique work of art that is interesting all in itself. They play great metal music with thundering drums filled with water.  

The different colored lights hit the water just right creating a captivating rain of colors.  The is a band you must see if you claim to be a metal fan.  The band is worth seeing over and over again and you would never get tired of their show.

By Dan, Andrew and Kayla Spratt 05-21-2015
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