Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ministry, Hemlock and The SixxiS rock The Intersection

The SixxiS
The Intersection

Last Sunday May 31st. Ministry,Hemlock and The SixxiS rocked out The Intersection,.  This was a unique lineup that was appealing to many types of metal heads and rock fans alike.  The first band to wake up the crowd and get the fired up was The SixxiS from Atlanta, Georgia.

They did a great job of keeping the crowd entertained with their unique rock sound.  You would hear thundering of the drums mixed with another playing a synthesizer.  Burning fast guitar riffs and bass.  Vocals pushing through and blending with the rest of the sounds making sonic harmony.

The SixxiS:  Consists of Vladdy Iskhakov on lead vocals/violin/piano/rhythm guitar, Mark Golden on bass/synthesizer, Josh Baker on drums/percussion/pads/vocals, Paul Sorah on guitar/vocals/synthesizer and Cameron Allen on guitar/vocals/synthesizer.  The band formed in 2006. The SixxiS on tour supporting the album Hollow Shrine.

The SixxiS tour dates:

Hemlock:  Consists of Chad Smith on vocals/bass , Brian Smith on drums, Jezy Ward on guitar/background vocals  and James Gelber on guitar .  The band was created in 1993 and the hometown is Las Vegas, Nevada.

This band is a fun for all band that reminds my son and I of a fast tempo-ed Korn style band mixed with thrash style guitar riffs at points and hint of Red Hot Chili Peppers.  It’s rare to see me head bang but both reporters were jumping up and down and headbanging.  This band is so versatile they could tour with almost any style of rock and metal band and win fans along the way.

Hemlock’s set list:
Kill The Orthodox
No Time For Sorrow
Conniption Fit
No $ No Love
The Only Enemy
The Summer Of Youth Content
Kill Your Children

Hemlock Tour Dates:

Ministry:  Consists of Al Jourgensen on vocals, Sin Quirin on guitar, Cesar Soto on guitar, Tony Campos on bass, Aaron Rossi on drums and John Bechdel on keyboards.  The band first launched in 1980 and the hometown is Los Angeles, California.  Ministry is the legendary industrial metal band appealing to most metal heads. 

If you claim to be a metal head and don’t know who Ministry is then you are not a true metal head.  This has their own unique style of metal that Ministry created kept the crowd head banging and rocking out.  The Intersection hosted another amazing metal and rock show.

Ministry is touring in support of their album From Beer To Eternity.

The Intersection is a great venue to be up close and personal with the bands.  Usually before a show or after the band is done off stage you usually have a chance to buy your favorite band a beer or just talk about the show.  All three bands that night did a great job of putting on a show. The should grab the crowd and make them forget for a short about everyday worries.

Tour Dates:

A special thank you to WGRD radio for tickets won and Tony Campos for the press pass to cover this amazing event.  

By Dan, Andrew and Kayla Spratt 06-06-2015.

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Hemlock said...

Thank you. Those are some great photos, and a nice write up. Hopefully we cross paths next time we tour through Michigan. :)

Hemlock said...

Thank you. Those are some great photos, and a nice write up. Hopefully we cross paths next time we tour through Michigan. :)

nosforotu poet said...

Right On yeah hope to again. =)