Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Devildriver, Holy Grail, Incite, Hemlock, Skinjacket at The Intersection

Holy Grail
The Intersection
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Last Wednesday May 11th The Intersection hosted a metal show featuring Devildriver, Holy Grail, Incite, Hemlock and Skinjacket.  The evening was roughly a pleasant and  dry 75 degrees for a very comfortable wait in line wearing short and a concert shirt was just right.  I was reflecting back on the day before while waiting in line for Hellyeah, Escape The Fate, New Year’s Day and From Ashes To New, when it was a rainy 50 degrees with wind.

A day in Michigan make all the difference in the world.  This show was located in the front of The Intersection with a smaller stage called the Stache.  This made it up close and personal to all the bands because there was no photo pit but just standing room.


This was the best way for the fans to see the closest view of their favorite metal bands possible.  Skinjacket consists of Joey Arnold on drums, Mark Kinley on guitar, Jason Hill on guitar, Scuba Steven on bass and Malachi Fulwiler on vocals.  Local band from the west side of Grand Rapids, Michigan that was formed in 2014. 

This local metal band was a pleasant surprise to hear the quality of metal they put out.  Faces were melted early with this opening band.  Their sound is great live in your face metal.  

Skinjacket setlist:

Take Your Life
Sinners Whisper
Violent Ones
Beg For Me
Worthless Flesh
Faith Burns Away
Raise Your Chalice

This is a band I could see opening for Hatebreed and many other metal bands.  They sounded great which reflected in the mosh pit that started up.

Hemlock consists of Chad Smith, Brian Smith, Jezey Ward and James Gelber.  The band was created in 1993 and still rocking out having a great time every where they go.  We caught Hemlock on tour with Ministry and The SixxiS last year at The Intersection.  

Hemlock makes it like a big metal party whenever they show up.  You are sucked into the moment absorbing the metal experience and forgetting everyday worries.  Thank you Hemlock for the experience.

Hemlock setlist:

No Body
No Time
Conniption Fit
Summer Of Youth Content

Hemlock tour dates:

Incite consists of Richie Cavalera on vocals, Lennon Lopez on drums, Christopher “El” on bass and “Dru Tang” Rome on guitar.  The band was founded in 2004 and on tour supporting their new album titled Oppression released 2016.  We have been covering the Incite band since 2012 every year always bringing a great metal show no matter what size crowd is around.


We purchased Incite’s new CD titled “Oppression” and got it autographed by Richie Cavalera and Christopher “El”.  The great thing about showing up early is walking around the merch booths and usually the Incite table is manned by Richie Cavalera or one of the other band members.  They are very down to earth and great to talk to, many people stereotype metal bands too much.  In my six years of interviewing metal bands they all were down to earth, mellow, humble and hard working people.

Incite setlist:
No Remorse
Up In Hell
False Flag
Lost Reality

Incite’s new CD titled “Oppression” song list:
Never Surrender
Lost Reality
No Remorse
Life’s Disease
Forced Into Life
Worst Of Me
I Want It All

My favorite songs on here are Never Surrender, Oppression and Life's Disease. The total album is an adrenaline rush great for having on you mp3 or phone working out at the gym or out running. The album would be great at metal parities but be prepared for a mosh pit to form.

Incite tour dates:

Holy Grail consists of James-Paul Luna on vocals, Eli Santana on lead guitar, Alex Lee on lead guitar, Tyler Meahl on drums and Blake Mount on bass.  This band reminded me of Judas Priest style metal with the high note vocals that would melt your face and blistering fast guitar playing.  I was surprised that there was not any smoke coming of the guitar pickguards.

Holy Grail tour dates:

Devildriver consists of Dez Fafara on vocals, Mike Spreitzer on guitar, Neal Tiemann on guitar, Diego Ibarra on bass and Austin D’Amond on drums.  Unique metal sound that only Devildriver possesses.  Each metal band creating a mosh pit but we would have the say the largest pit was the whole crowd turned into one because of Devildriver.  The larger the mosh pit the larger the compliment from the crowd.  This also reflects how well they connect with the crowd and make people forget about everyday worries and experience great metal that all the bands brought.

DevilDriver tour dates:

If I was to see them again I would do it over and over again they were that good.  And The Intersection is the perfect spot for the show.  I call The Intersection our home away from home because out of the six years reporting shows we were at The Intersection mostly, next would be The Orbit Room, next would be The Deltaplex Arena, Rock The Rapids and then Rock Star Energy Drink’s Mayhem Festival.

By Dan and Andrew Spratt 05-15-2016

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