Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

We're All In This Together Tour featuring Hellyeah, Escape The Fate, New Year's Day and From Ashes To New

We’re All In This Together Tour
Escape The Fate
New Years Day
From Ashes To New
The Intersection
Grand Rapids, Michigan

This last Tuesday night The Intersection hosted a metal show titled We’re All In This Together featuring Hellyeah, Escape The Fate, New Years Day and From Ashes To New.  Last Tuesday night May tenth the diehard metal and rock fans stood in line enduring the 50 degree rainy weather some just wearing concert shirts or soaked jackets.  Many looked liked they just got of work same as me.  

While other people ate dinner at home the fans in line feasted on a sonic buffet.  This really had shown how much they liked the bands to go through the bad weather.  And the show was sold out on a Tuesday work night also had show how much the fans like the bands.

I was first hand witness to this because I was waiting in line with them for 90 minutes looking like a big yellow duck with a bright yellow raincoat on with my cameras in a plastic bag.  At one point of waiting in line I caught a glimpse of Chad Gray from Hellyeah going into his tour bus but was not quick enough to get a picture.  The Intersection is like a home away from home all the people that work there are helpful and hospitable to their customers.   

One of the best ways to judge a venue is how well security maintains control of people getting out of hand starting fights.  Security does a great job keeping the problems under control so everyone can have a great time.  Throughout the years my family and I covered roughly 25 to 30 shows we have noticed how well they keep up on any problems that may arise.  

From Ashes To New consists of Matt Brandyberry on vocals/guitar/keyboards/programming, Chris Musser on Vocals, Branden Kreider on guitar/vocals, Lance Dowdle on guitar and Tim D’Onofrio on drums.  Launched in 2013 and their hometown is Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

From Ashes To New is on tour supporting the new album out now titled “Day One”.  They have a unique sound of a mixture of rock/rock-rap/alternative metal.  It was great to finally see this band live which is a true test of how well a band sounds.  Here is a link to some of their videos to watch and you decide for yourself.

From Ashes To New tour dates:

New Years Day consisting of Ash Costello on vocals, Nikki Misery on guitar, Jeremy Valentyne on guitar, Brandon Wolfe on bass and Trixx on drums.  New Year’s Day is on tour supporting their new album out now titled “Malevolence”.

New Years Day has a great goth/metal taste to their sound but don’t use this label.  This band I could see touring with In This Moment, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Avatar and many other bands. This is a band I would love to see again and again and hope to catch them when they come back around on tour again.  

They sound great live and connected with the crowd and got the crowd going crazy. The crowd surfing was non-stop for this band, which shows how much a crowd like the band. If they didn't like the band there would be no crowd surfing. 

Please decide for yourself how great they sound by watching their video link to their song titled “I’m About To Break You”.

New Years Day setlist:
Break You
Angular Eyes
Defame Me

New Years Day tour dates:

Escape The Fate consist of Robert Ortiz on drums, Craig Mabbit on lead vocals, Kevin Gruft on lead guitar/bass/backing vocals and T.J. Bell on rhythm guitar/bass/vocals.  Escape The Fate on tour supporting their new album out now titled “Hate Me”. Escape The Fate got the crowd going wild with non-stop crowd surfing.  

I would see the same people leaving the front of the stage about 10 times for their show. This was the second time seeing Escape The Fate, the first time was at Club Fever in South Bend, Indiana with Pop Evil. No matter who they tour with they put on a great show for the crowd and could be the headline just as much as who they are with.

This is a band that has metal/rockstar attitude and ability and would always catch their shows every time they come around the area.

Escape The Fate’s setlist:
Just A Memory
10 Miles Wide
Live For Today
Gorgeous Nightmare
1 For The $
This War Is Ours

Escape The Fate tour dates:

Hellyeah consisting of Chad Gray on vocals, Tom Maxwell on guitar, Vinnie Paul Abbott on drums, Kyle Sanders on bass and Christian Brady on guitar.  Hellyeah is on tour supporting their new album soon to be released June third of this year titled “Undeniable”.  The song titled “Human” is paving the way for the album release.  

This reporter was hunting for some shots of the elusive Vinnie Abbott. If you don't catch Vinnie with your camera when they arrive on stage it is extremely difficult to catch him behind his amazing drum set.

Hellyeah picked a great song to introduce the fans to the album release. If you don’t believe me watch the video of it and be the judge for yourself.
This was the fourth year of covering Hellyeah it seems they get better everytime.  

Every single member of the band connects with the crowd capturing their attention.  Chad Gray is a professional at talking back and forth with the fans to capture their attention and get them having a great time and forget about worries of everyday and to just rock out.  I believe that every band out there strives to do this with their performance and music.   

This reporter’s favorite Hellyeah songs are titled “Moth”, "Hush" and their new song "Human", and feel "Moth" is a masterpiece that is equal to Metallica’s song titled “One”, and AC/DC’s song “Back In Black”.

Hellyeah’s setlist:
Blood For Blood
Say When
Wouldn’t Know

Hellyeah tour dates:

By Dan Spratt 05-14-2016

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