Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, Band Wolves and From Ashes To New

Breaking Benjamin
Five Finger Death Punch
Bad Wolves
From Ashes To New
Van Andel Arena
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Last Monday Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, Bad Wolves and From Ashes To New endeavored the weather to rock out a Van Andel Arena,
Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Before making it to the show I had many worries of
the day. Most important on my list was my maintenance work helping guide
and unload heavy equipment from a crane.

The next worry was the bad weather that Monday morning was very bad all
along the Lake Michigan shore and inland there were many school closings
around the area.  By the time I got out of work in the afternoon the roads were
clear from South Haven where live to Grand Rapids which was a big relief as
far as driving. As I made it to will call at Van Andel Arena I noticed the long
lines forming outside and down the block.

I figured that this show was going to be packed no matter what mother nature
dishes out people wouldn’t miss out on such a great sonic thrill ride that the
bands deliver.  As I waited at will call for press I reminisced about past concerts
with the bands. My son and I covered Five Finger Death Punch at Rockstar
Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at Tinley Park, IL. in 2010.  

My son and I talked with a Marine that told us a of him being in uniform while
attending a Pantera concert at Tinley Park.  The band brought him up on
stage for a complete song. After that the curtains fell and Five Finger
Death Punch came on stage to deliver an epic show and ever since then
I always try to cover their show.  

Another thought went through my head while waiting at will call was about my
maintenance work friends would ask, “why do you cover these types of shows,
you are 54 years old and still rocking out?”  My reply is, “for the love of music
and my family feels the same way, when they help cover shows. My son,
daughter and I are musicians and my daughter is a semi-professional violinist
for hire with a college degree in performance music.  We all play guitar as well
and now I pick up a bass too.”

When I give them such a long reply from the heart they get tired of asking the
question over again.  The last thought was I just covered Breaking Benjamin
at Van Andel Arena in February along with Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For
My Valentine.  And before that covering From Ashes To New with New Years
Day, Escape The Fate and Hellyeah in 2016 at The Intersection,
Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

All these shows listed were epic memories that inspire me to continue covering
and composing music and some day perform at open mic. Night.  The only time
you see my family and I cover a show is because we love their music. We always
try to show up to catch the opening acts to push exposure for them through the

Sadly while waiting at will call I heard From Ashes To New rocking out the crowd
making them get all revved up for the next band.  I could hear every song from
where I was and felt bad I couldn’t catch them in time.  Because they are such a
great sounding band from what I remember and what I heard.

From Ashes To New:  The band consists of Matt Brandyberry on vocals/guitar/
keyboard/programming, Danny Case on vocals, Lance Dowdle on guitar and
Mat Madiro on drum.  The band started in August 2013, and their music genres
are rock/alternative/rap. The band is on tour in support of their 2018 album
titled “The Future” packed with many great songs on our Spotify playlist.

Metal Axe Gallery’s favorite From Ashes To New songs on
Wake Up
My Song
Through It All
My Fight
Stay This Way
Pray For Me

From Ashes To New setlist:
The Future
My Fight
Land Of Make Believe
My Name
Through It All

From Ashes To New tour list:

Bad Wolves:  The band consists of Tommy Vext on vocals, John Boecklin on
drums, Chris Cain on guitar, Doc Coyle on guitar and Kyle Konkiel on bass.  
The band is on tour in support of their album titled “Disobey”. Our favorite song
is a remake of The Cranberries song titled “Zombie”.

Metal Axe Gallery’s Bad Wolves favorite playlist:
Zombie (Acoustic)
No Master
Learn To Live
Hear Me Now
Toast To The Ghost
Run For Your Life
Remember When

Bad Wolves setlist:
Officer Down
Learn To Live
No Masters
Remember When
Better The Devil
Run For Your Life
Hear Me Now

Bad Wolves tour list:

Five Finger Death Punch:  The band consists of Ivan Moody on vocals, Jason
Hook on guitar, Zoltan Bathory on guitar, Chris Kael on bass, Jeremy Spencer
on drums (sitting out the rest of tour because of a second emergency back
surgery), Charlie Engen on drums (temporary fill in for Jeremy).  
They are on tour in support of their new album titled “And Justice For None”.
I purchased the album from the Shriners charity table
for a chance to win an autographed guitar. At the end of the show I didn’t win
but I knew the extra money went for a good cause for charity.

It was great to see Ivan out walking on stage with his brace it didn’t slow him
down or stop him from performing.  The pyrotechnics were captivating along
with all the songs they were performing. Charlie Engen did a great job of filling
in for Jeremy Spencer on the drums.

He is the drummer for Scale The Summit and Ideology.  Five Finger Death Punch did an awesome job of  capturing the audience's attention and
made you forget about everyday worries and just have a great time.

Metal Axe Gallery’s Five Finger Death Punch favorite playlist:
Death Before Dishonor
The Bleeding
The Way Of The Fist
No One Gets Left Behind
Remember Everything
The Pride
Under And Over It
100 Ways To Hate
Generation Dead
American Capitalist
Burn MF
Lift Me Up
House Of The Rising Sun
Battle Born
Cradle To The Grave
Wash It All Away
Ain’t My Last Dance
Jekyll And Hyde
Boots And Blood
I Apologize
Blue On Black
Sham Pain
Fire In The Hole
I Refuse
Will The Sun Ever Rise
Bad Seed
When Seasons Change
Bad Company

Five Finger Death Punch setlist:
Under And Over It
Wash It All Away
Jekyll And Hyde
Sham Pain
Bad Company
No One Get Left Behind
The Agony Of Regret
Wrong Side Of Heaven (Acoustic)
Remember Everything (Acoustic)
Coming Down
Burn MF
Gone Away
Lift Me Up
The Bleeding
House Of The Rising Sun

Five Finger Death Punch tour list:

Breaking Benjamin:  The band consists of Benjamin Burnley on vocals/guitar,
Aaron Bruch on bass/backing vocals, Shaun Foist on drums, Jason Rauch on
guitar, and Keith Wallen on guitar/backing vocals.  The band is on tour in
support of their new album titled “Embers”. My favorite songs by the band are
titled “I Will Not Bow”, “So Cold”, “Never Again”,“The Diary Of Jane” and now
“Red Cold River”.  

Breaking Benjamin setlist:
Red Cold River
I Will Not Bow
Never Again
The Imperial March/Cowboys From Hell/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Bohemian
Rhapsody/Enter Sandman/drum solo
Sooner Or Later
Blow Me Away
So Cold
Angels Fall
Until The End
Torn In Two
The Diary Of Jane

Breaking Benjamin tour list:

One thing I always say about Breaking Benjamin is that the music draws you in
with smooth vocals and music and then slams you around with hard rock and
metal growls and music.  I visualise going uphill on a sonic roller coaster
then you make it to the top then it’s a sonic thrill ride down hill.
This band draws you in to have a good time and forget about your everyday
worries and forget what time it is because you are there and it doesn’t matter.

They were the final show for that evening and kept the audience captivated by
their great music to the very end.  Soon after that was a charity drawing for an
autographed guitar but sadly I didn’t have the winning ticket to add another
guitar to my collection.

By Dan Spratt editing by Kayla Spratt 12/01/2018

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