Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Cult with The War Between

The Cult
Sonic Temple Tour
The War Between

The Venue 20 Monroe Live last Friday hosted The Cult with The War Between.  
It was a perfect day in Grand Rapids, Michigan waiting in line to get was near
70 degrees outside without rain.  It was enjoyable talking to fans while waiting
in line about past concerts they have gone to comparing the ones I have and
have not been to.

One thing about Michigan rock and metal fans most are friendly and talkative
when it comes to concerts.  The main thing going through my head was, “I
finally get to see the legendary band The Cult.” Many of the Michigan radio
stations gave a good amount of air time for The Cult’s music.

The War Between:  The synth/punk/electro/rock band consists of Colin Clive
and Josh Stacey.  The veteran musicians from different bands Colin Clive from
the band Mustard Plug on lead vocals/guitar and Josh Stacey is from the band
Cosmonaut on bass/backing vocals/drums.   Formed the collaboration and
called it The War Between they consider their band an electro goth band.


They are on tour in support of their ten song debut album titled Goth Beach.  
The hardest part of any show is to get the crowd warmed up for the headline.
They did a good job of warming up the crowd with the fast paced punk electro
goth music.

The War Between Setlist:
  1. Can’t Make You Go
  2. Proto
  3. Helpless
  4. Ambition
  5. Silent Alarm
  6. 100% (Sonic Youth Cover)
  7. Gone Again
  8. Take My Time
  9. All My Mind

The Cult: The legendary rock band consists of Ian Astbury on vocals/guitar, Billy Duffy
on guitar, Damon Fox on keyboard/vocals, Grant Fitzpatrick on bass/vocals and
John Tempesta on drums.  The band was formed in 1984. The Cult came out
on stage to a packed 20 Monroe Live crowd. When they started
their first song titled Sun King the crowd went wild.

All that ran through my head at that time is that I finally get to experience their
show live.  I have my favorite songs that were played that night and will share
the favorite list. The Cult sounded just as good live as the recorded version.

The true test of any live show is the ability to draw in the crowd and connect
with them.  And take them to the point they forget about their worries and enjoy
the experience of live music.  The Cult were great at the test.

The Cult Setlist:
  1. Sun King
  2. New York City
  3. Automatic Blues
  4. Sweet Soul Sister
  5. American Horse
  6. Soul Asylum
  7. Edie (Ciao Baby)
  8. Fire Woman
  9. American Gothic
  10. Rise
  11. The Phoenix
  12. Spirit Walker
  13. She Sells Sanctuary
  14. Saints Are Down
  15. Rain
  16. Love Removal Machine

Metal axe gallery favorites list of The Cult songs:

  1. She Sells Sanctuary
  2. Sweet Soul Sister
  3. American Gothic
  4. Fire Woman
  5. Rain

The Cult tour information links:


The Cult and The War Between I would be happy to see again when they come
back around.  The reason is they put on a great show for 20 Monroe.

By Dan Spratt 09-21-2019

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