Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Breaking Benjamin with Daughtry and Catch Your Breath



Breaking Benjamin




Catch Your Breath 


Wings Event Center

Kalamazoo, Michigan

On last Saturday the Wings Event Center hosted Breaking Benjamin with Daughtry and Catch Your Breath.  It was a damp and dreary Saturday night but Wings Event Center made a warm welcome to concert goers.  The warm welcome made for an exciting night with great music, food and drinks.


The opening band I always say they have the job of getting the crowd going with excitement.   Catch Your Breath was the opening band.



Catch Your Breath:  The band based in Austin, Texas consists of Josh on vocals, Teddy on guitar,  Cianan on bass and Onell on drums.  They are on tour in support of their debut album titled “Shame On Me”.

Catch Your Breath setlist:

  1. Savages

  2. Criminal

  3. Y.S.K.W.

  4. Ricochet

  5. Fade

  6. 21 Gun Salute

  7. Shame On Me

  8. Dial Tone

The best way to judge the music beforehand is to look up the songs on . My favorites were Savage, Fade and 21 Gun Salute. The band put on a good opening act and would like to see their show again sometime.

Catch Your Breath tour dates:  


Daughtry:  Consists of Chris Daughtry on vocals / rhythm guitar / lead guitar, Josh Steely on lead guitar / backing vocals, Brian Craddock on rhythm guitar / backing vocals / lead guitar, Elvio Fernandez on keyboards / piano / rhythm guitar and acoustic guitar / backing vocals, Marty O’Brian on bass and Jeremy Schaffer on drums / percussion. Chris Daughtry is known for being a finalist on the fifth season of the television show American Idol.  Daughtry formed in 2006.  

Daughtry with his powerful vocals grips the crowd and draws them in and keeps them wanting to hear more and more.   The two cover songs “Separate Ways” a Journey cover and “Change” by the Deftones were performed perfectly capturing the energy with Daughtry’s own style.  

Daughtry setlist:

  1. Changes Are Coming

  2. World On Fire

  3. Separate Ways (Journey Cover)

  4. Crashed / Kashmir

  5. Change (Deftones Cover)

  6. Pieces

  7. It’s Not Over

  8. Over You

  9. Heavy Is The Crown

  10. Artificial 

My favorites of Daughtry on are” It’s Not Over", " Heavy Is The Crown" and "Artificial”.  Daughtry the person and the band put on a great show and would always go see them again and again.

Daughtry tour information: 


Breaking Benjamin:   The band consists of Benjamin Burnley on lead vocals / rhythm guitar,  Aaron Bruch on bass / backing vocals,  Shaun Foist on drums / programming, Jason Rauch on lead guitar / programming  and  Keith Wallen on rhythm guitar / backing vocals.  The band formed in 1999 and originated in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.   The band is on tour in support of their new album titled “Aurora”.

In past years I had the honor to cover the band a few times. Their great show draws you in to see another and another because they put on such a great show.

Past tour articles: 


Breaking Benjamin tour dates: 

Breaking Benjamin setlist:

  1. Failure

  2. Until The End

  3. Red Cold River

  4. Evil Angel

  5. Blow Me Away

  6. Follow

  7. Angels Fall

  8. So Cold

  9. Dance With The Devil

  10. Crawl

  11. Breath (performed with Chris Daughtry)

  12. Polyamorous

  13. Without You

  14. Dear Agony

  15. I Will Not Bow

  16. Had Enough

  17. The Diary Of Jane

So all of the songs on the setlist are also my favorites on  My main favorites are Failure, So Cold, I Will Not Bow and The Diary Of Jane.  Breaking Benjamin drew the crowd in with an exciting high energy rock show. 

It made the crowd forget about worries and just rock out and have a great time.  All the bands did a great job drawing the crowd in to enjoy a Saturday night at The Wings Event Center.  

By Dan Spratt

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