Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Dethklok with Babymetal




The Babyklok Tour


Jason Richardson


GLC at 20 monroe


Dethklok  with  Babymetal  and Jason Richardson  was an opportunity I could not pass up covering.  GLC at 20 Monroe was host last Wednesday to the metal I crave, even though it was a work night I had to go.  It was a comfortable 78 degrees standing in line going to GLC at 20 Monroe in the evening of September 20th.  

As I stood in line I didn't realize how long the line was going around the block with no end in sight.   I talked with people in line about music and if they ever watched any of the bands play before.  Most of the people in line never had seen any of the bands.  

While I was standing in line I thought back when my son and I covered Dethklok at the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids in 2012.  We covered the show for the magazine I worked for at that time and shared the link for the article.  These photos were up close at the pit for an amazing metal performance.

As I moved with the line going to GLC at 20 Monroe the security moved everyone through and in quickly and smoothly showing top notch professionalism.  The management that I worked with when I arrived inside was top notch helping me and other photographers to the photo pit.  But before the photo pit I hung out at the mixing board to listen to the first performance.

Jason Richardson on stage to open and support Babymetal and Dethklok played  guitar on stage to the crowd to get them warmed up for Babymetal.  He is known for playing guitar in  All That Remains, All Shall Perish, Born Of Osiris and Chelsea Grin.   I really enjoyed his metal guitar playing on stage reminded me of the late great  Oli Herbert that he replaced for All That Remains.  

Jason Richardson setlist:

1.  Tendinitis

2.  Ishimura

3.  Sparrow

4.  Titan

5.  Retrograde

6.  Upside Down

7.  Hos Down 

The first article link with Dethklok also had All That Remains with  Oli playing guitar in it.  While listening to Jason I thought back to the last time I covered a show at GLC at 20 Monroe was in 2018 the Guitar gods tour I had to share the link.   

By the time Jason was done playing people packed in elbow to elbow from the front to the back it had to be close to a sold out crowd.  As I waited to go to the photo pit I could hear the crowd go wild as Babymetal take to the stage.  I had no idea what it would be like waiting to go to the photo pit during the break before the forth song. 


The only thing going through my head was my daughter describing what Babymetal sounded like or reminded her of was a fight scene in annime full of metal energy.  My daughter is a musician and artist and loves Babymetal.  I soon found out that they were more that just sound they were a total package.

Me being an old metalhead I kept an open mind and focused on the music flow, choreography and how they connected with the audience.  The band had precision face melting music all spot on with the timing of the dance and singing.  I was in pure awe at the quality of their performance and instantly became a fan.

As far as connecting with the fans they did a great job of that getting the crowd to react to each of their metal songs.  During one song break the three singers on stage would go to edge of the stage and talk to the crowd at the front of the stage.  At one point of their performance they had a moshpit going and showed it on the screen on stage.

Babymetal:  The band was formed in 2010 and they started in Tokyo, Japan.  Babymetal consist of  three young women, Suzuka Nakamoto also known as Su-metal is a musician, singer and songwriter.  Moa Kikuchi also known as Moametal is a musician, singer and dancer.   

Momoko Okazaki also known as Momometal is also a musician, singer and dancer.  The sessions band that backs up their vocals is known as the "Kami Band."  

Babymetal setlist:

1.  Babymetal Death

2.  Gimmie Chocolate

3.  PA PA Ya!!

4.  Distortion

5.  BxMxC

6.  Maya

7.  Monochrome

8.  Metal!!

9.  Megitsune

10.  Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!

11.  Road Of Resistance

Babymetal tour link:

Dethklok:  The band consists of Brendon Small on vocal/guitar, Gene Hoglan on drums, Nili Brosh on guitar and Bryan Beller on bass.   This is the perfect metal combination along with the cartoon playing in the background timed perfectly with their music.  They produced face melting metal and mind blowing visuals at the same time.  

This combined made a sonic and visual roller-coaster ride for all in attendance.  The most favorite songs of mine are Thunderhorse and Murmaider.


1.  Deththeme

2.  Briefcase Full Of Guts

3.  Birthday Dethday

4.  Awaken

5.  Bloodlines

6.  The Gears

7.  Hatredcopter

8.  Dethsupport

9.  Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle

10.  Aortic Desecration

11.  I Ejaculate Fire

12.  The Duel

13.  Murmaider

14.  Thunderhorse

15.  Fan Song

16.  SOS

17.  Go Into The Water

Dethklok tour link:

The three bands on stage made it an amazing metal time for all that made it out. Even if they had to go to work the next day for 10 hours like me, it was worth every minute.  Special thanks to security, management and 

I report from a neutral point leaving out race, religion or political views.  Everyone should decide on their own what they like in music.

By Dan Spratt  09-23-2023

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