Some of the bands covered here.

Some of the bands covered here.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

5 Seconds of Summer With The Aces at the Allegan County Fair 9/7/18

5 Seconds Of Summer
The Aces
The Allegan County Fair

Today was adventure day for many concert goers including my daughter and I,
last Friday, September seventh at the Allegan County Fair.  We anxiously got
our concert clothes together to wear; I decided to wear black jeans, a Metallica
bandana, and a My Chemical Romance shirt because both bands made
masterpieces of music.  My daughter decided to wear jeans with a rose flower
shirt that Luke Hemmings pointed to while singing “Want You Back” later during
the show.  

You may wonder why a metal magazine would go to the show we picked.  
5 Seconds Of Summer touch on many genres of music.  We enjoyed their
performance in the past of “American Idiot” by Green Day, they really rocked it.
We had high hopes of getting press so we could score an interview but we did
not get it, but we made the best of it with cell phone and point and clicks on
hand.  My assistant/daughter is a music performance (violin) major/graduate
from Lake Michigan College and she really enjoys the quality of music the
band performs and is head over heels for Ashton Irwin.


It was a cloudy day with a high of 72 degrees, so it was comfortable waiting in
line for almost six hours.  We strategically placed ourselves for gold pit standing
by the vendor that was selling hand dipped corn dogs that 5 Seconds Of
Summer mentioned in the show.  

We both thought we saw some of the band members jogging at the field but it
was so far away we couldn’t tell.  I kept smelling that good food next to us so I
finally gave in and grabbed an italian sausage with green peppers and onions
along with a heaping supply of fresh cooked kettle chips.  The food was worth
the money spent. What’s also great about waiting long hours in line is you meet
new people and my daughter made new friends that are fans too.

While waiting in line we took turns looking about the fair at the food and rides.  
I think my daughter wished to see Ashton Irwin out riding the rides with the
band mates but no such luck.  While we were waiting in line I reflected back the
to last time we did concert coverage at the Allegan County Fair, which was
Shinedown with Papa Roach and In This Moment. My facebook friend Chris
Howorth, lead guitarist for In This Moment, recognized me and flipped me the

Ahh back to reality... the gate is opened and off to the races we go to take our
spot at the front of the stage just one person back for both of us, we were on
the right side of the stage looking at it.  I was happy to lean on the gate that
separated the gold and silver standing fence and to talk to the other concert
goers around us both.

The best way to judge a band is to see how the audience acts before, during,
and after a live show.   We really do not like the word “judge” but a better
description weigh up would be how good a band performs live and connects
with the audience.   The hardest job is placed on the opening band to get the
audience fired up and rocking out, this was The Aces job to do.

The Aces:  The band consists of Cristal Ramirez on vocals/guitar, McKenna
Petty on bass, Katie Henderson on lead guitar/vocals and Alisa Ramirez on
drums.  The band was founded in 2008 and are from Provo, Utah. The Aces
are on tour supporting their brand new album with Red Bull Records titled
“When My Heart Felt Volcanic”.  The most well known songs on the album are
“Stuck” and “Physical”. This band put on a great show full of energy and great
songs fired up the crowd.  Our favorites of The Aces are “Volcanic Love” and
“Fake Nice”.

    1)Volcanic Love
    2) Stay
    3) Bad Love
    4) Holiday
    5) Last One
    6) Strong Enough
    7) Fake Nice
    8) Stuck

Concert list:

5 Seconds Of Summer:  The band is made up of Luke Hemmings on vocals/
guitar, Michael Clifford on guitar/vocals, Calum Hood on vocals/bass and
Ashton Irwin on drums/vocals.  Their home town is Sydney NSW, Australia the
band was formed on December third, 2011. This was our third time covering
their show throughout the years.

Metalaxe Gallery believes that the most gripping masterpiece that 5 Seconds
Of Summer have created are “Youngblood” and  “Amnesia”. “Youngblood”
song and music video reminds me of 34 years ago when I first met my wife to
be at the North Beach in South Haven, Michigan.  It brings back memories of us
being youngbloods, we were 18 years of age.

I just got my first degree black belt in karate and she was hanging out at the
beach, which was the main cruising spot.  “Amnesia” is so visual and captures
the hearts of everyone who hears it that has passion for music. You feel every
word and you can feel every word is coming out of the core/soul of the writer
and singer.

These songs deserve to be placed with the other greats we consider which
consists of Metallica’s “One” and “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, AC/DC’s “Back In
Black”, Megadeth’s “Symphony Of Destruction”, Pantera’s “Walk” and “Cemetery
Gates”, Shinedown’s “The Crow & The Butterfly”, Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to
Heaven”, and the list goes on.

The other two shows that we’ve covered in the past were 5 Seconds Of Summer
with One Direction at the Ford Field House, Detroit, Michigan and  the other
was at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Tinley Park, Illinois with Hey Violet
as the opening band.

  1. Babylon
  2. Talk Fast
  3. Moving Along
  4. She’s Kinda Hot
  5. Girls Talk Boys
  6. Waste The Night
  7. More
  8. Better Man
  9. If Walls Could Talk
  10. Ghost Of You
  11. Amnesia
  12. The Only Reason
  13. Lie To Me
  14. Why Won’t You Love Me
  15. Valentine
  16. Meet You There
  17. Jet Black Heart
  18. Want You Back
  19. She Looks So Perfect
  20. Youngblood

5 Seconds Of Summer put on a great show, connecting and interacting with the
audience.  Besides that, having the crowd singing the songs along with the
band shows that they create a full concert experience that will keep fans talking
about how much fun it was days or even weeks from now.

Author/Photographer: Dan Spratt

Editor/Photographer: Kayla Spratt

September 9, 2018

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